Something I did bad, something I did good

Well, I was half an hour late to work today. Bad. My supervisor had me dust mop and then wet mop the cafeteria. Good. I would say this is my favorite task. It’s the small things in life isn’t it? I was alone in a HUGE assembly room for two hours, just pushing a dust-mop and daydreaming. My pace is naturally quick. There’s this guy who normally isn’t onsite, but he’ has some kind of important position. I see him every now and then; he’s with our company but I don’t know what he does or what his title is but he is above my two bosses. He was there today and when I was almost done mopping he walked in, looked around and said, “Good job”. I lit up like a candle. He didn’t have to say that. Compliments make me work faster and harder. So my day ended well. PLUS the foxy blonde from the office who comes every Monday to see how we’re doing and feeling was there today and I got to gawk at her. But not as much as I would have liked. She’s really nice too.


Awesome @77nick77,it’s not good to be late but you done very well on your job,people must be impress by what your have done even if it’s mopping and sweeping

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