After a schizophrenia diagnosis, James Hickman felt like an outsider. But volunteer work helped him find his life's passion again

As author and therapist James Hickman knows only too well, schizophrenia is a serious mental illness that can make even the smallest tasks seem impossible. It can also make people feel that they have lost what makes them unique.

Hickman was diagnosed with schizophrenia at college and remembers his first episode of psychosis well. He says, “I remember talking to a young woman after a lecture and feeling as though I could hear her thoughts before she even said anything. I was very sensitive to other sounds over the next week or so, like laughter, and I became very fearful.”

After a week or so of hearing sounds and voices that weren’t really present (known as auditory hallucinations), Hickman was diagnosed with schizophrenia and treated in the hospital. He remembers feeling extremely depressed when he left the hospital.

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Thought I’d comment and bring this back to the top of the latest section. A good article and another successful SZ to look up to.

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Since my initial diagnosis in 1983 I have had a few part time jobs but they have not worked out. I however have found my calling life as a volunteer at a local hospital’s gift shop and at my church.

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Good article. Thanks for sharing.

In fact,the author makes many fatal mistakes ,rather than to say he falsify a stable facts .
1-He make mistakes when he was described the early-first stage episode of sz onset,
look what he was said:
{I remember talking to a young woman after a lecture and feeling as though I could hear
her thoughts before she even said anything }
a-He was filmed the bilateral discussion with otherness incorrectly,as if the process is a bilateral dialogue between two human beings,wherever one of them "author } becomes has
the ability to predict /receive the thoughts of the second “woman” ,that is before they become operative words !

b-In the nature,the bilateral dialogue arise between the person and imaginary entities
that has been emitted inside his imagination area ,and in most of time this is happens
when the person in an alone condition and isolation from the society and people

c-The person remain a belief for a long time that this bilateral dialogue is with real
actual human beings,BECAUSE:
the outward of appearance of the debaters “the speakers”,is similar to the physical
appearance of some human beings,living in the community /environment inhabited
by the person
=Details of the virtual imaginary image is similar to external form of some actual human beings
={details of photo of any human being must be similar to the external form of him }

2-the author said:
"after a week or so of hearing SOUNDS and voices…was diagnosed with sz and
treated in the hospital "
-this is a mistake because;
-If the bilateral dialogue began,never stop and unending,remain connected and
coherent throughout the hours of day,which lead to the following symptoms:
=a person loses his neurological energy ceaselessly
=degree of attention is gradually increasing,causing loss the mechanism of
attention direction,relaxation condition and sleep case
=lose the physical ability to do any usual behavior
=loses appetite eating and drinking

=lose the consciousness condition and activity of sleep become the only way possible
to overcome these symptoms to save the neurological energy from the exhaustion
=this is achieved by rapid medical intervention through 24-48 hours

but the author talking about a full week on the above-mentioned situation,and that is
impossible to believe in,because the person must be loses all possible biological energy
though the mutual dialogue,and may be kills oneself or others

3-there is no sounds in the sz,but there is a real lingual dialogue to exchange the higher
4-there is no "like laughter} in the early-first stage episode of sz,but the otherness who
make a discussion with the person characterized by:
violent monetary
calibration of the charges
they look manifestation of anger during the speech time
the continuing threat to exposing the disadvantages moral
commited by the person during his past behavior in private
and public life
Above of all,in the onset of sz,there is no laughing or laughter