These celebrities are so mean

The celebrities who try to talk to me are so mean, they think I am saying racist or perverted things they don’t try to understand, just want to be left alone


You should tell your pdoc about this. They can help.


Which celebrity? Do u have celebrity delusion? Cos i have…

Why are celebrities talking to you? Are these voices or delusions or is this really happening?

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They want to see what I sound like or who I am, but they go away thinking I said or thought something racist or perverted, I don’t want to speak with them in the first place,they get mad and upset

I think this is all in your head. If it isn’t don’t say things that could be considered offensive.

Just intrusive thoughts, thinking they can read or see my thoughts

they put bad thoughts into my mind making me think I’m a bad person. No can tell celebrities though.

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I feel the same way @Daze.

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These are hallucinations. I saw Jesus in my room a while back. He didn’t say anything though.


I am afraid to say, I don’t want them to know who I am. I always think they would hate me because of the people who harass me make me sound.

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I hope not but so many, like Oprah, but I am too shy to talk to her

Also I fear other people like world leaders, don’t want them in my mind, but I guess if I didn’t have my problem I would admire them

I don’t, I have people sabotaging my thoughts, I am really tired, some of them are torturing me I don’t know why they are doing this to me

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