What do your voices talk to you about?

Mine sounds like this guy I once knew and dated for 2 weeks. The voice keeps saying he’s in the FBI, he loves me, he wants to kill me and is watching me. Sometimes, it turns into evil, demonic sounding voices too. There is one prominent voice that sounds familiar and other voices that seem to talk also. One woman/girl and a lot of men. (One familiar man and the other men not sure). What do your voices say/ talk about and sound like? Is it familiar voice(s)? Is it constant?


The most prominent voice for me is called Ig. His voice is often quiet or whispering, unless he’s agitated; has a wide range of tones but generally sounds like an educated young man in his 20s - early 30s.

Ig acts as a conduit / mouthpiece for the “sad woman” (40s, always sobbing and crying; her distress level mirrors my own, with emphasis) and the “old man” (60s? always grumpy and cranky, very throaty voice, not a common talker). Ig also produces ‘noise’, sometimes from himself, sometimes just in general. Crowd noise, muttering, whispering, cloth rustling, throat-clearing, pages turning, breathing noises, etc. Anything that could be considered ambient sound.

There is also a ‘parental introject’ who shows up during specific tasks or times and does nothing but criticize and belittle me. If I’m distressed, Ig echoes and intensifies these comments. The only way to turn the introject off is by sleeping or abruptly stopping the task and doing something to distract myself instead. Even then sleeping is the better option.

Ig babbles a lot and only becomes direct / commanding if I’m under a lot of stress. He comments on what I’m doing, people around me, possible threats to my safety. He’s very suspicious and wary of everything unfamiliar. He’s noisy and has a nasty sense of humor – he’ll trick me or startle me and laugh about it, or he’ll start playing back a song relevant to my current situation / mood, or he’ll make jokes when I’m trying to talk to someone seriously.

None of my voices are familiar, except for the introject, which. sounds just like my mother. yay.

None of my voices are constant although Ig is pretty much a daily thing. Days when my head’s very quiet I start to feel lonesome and suspicious.

I’m aware all of these voices are coming from me. Ig makes this very plain by being an almost perfect echo of my own emotions / internal thoughts most of the time. However, when I’m distressed, I have a much harder time accepting these voices are NOT some sort of warning mechanism or omen being sent directly to me from Somewhere Beyond.


My meds got upped and my voices have faded.

When they do wake up… they chatter… it’s a running commentary on what I do and why I’m doing it… very annoying…

But it’s better then it used to be… some of the past was painful and freaked the hell out of me.

what medicine do you take? I’m thinking of trying Haldol to stop the voices.

I’m on a Latuda / Seroquel combo… it’s was when the Latuda got increased that my head started fading.

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i hear mine from anybody as if my thoughts are being brodcasted .they respond to anything i think.sending abusive words and statements my way.

about me, derogatory things about me, about my thoughts

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I have gotten to the point where the voices are meaningless.

Its the thoughts and visions that the voices trigger that really screws me up ,its really more of a feeling .

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I hear four voices mainly. Devon is loud and obnoxious. Aaron and Rebecca talk about me negatively. And baliel the gargoyle.

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i talk to an alien… :alien:
he talks about;
other aliens and his kind
quantum physics
the end of humanity
he shows me other dimensions…universes
i get operated on alot
take care :alien:

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Check mine out.
Mine can control Everything.
But only a true abductees can see my invisible sword. And live to talk about it.

But only one can take the test.

I never heard voices, but if I did I would know they’re not real in a sense. But that’s assuming I have the same insight as I do now.

Mine go through phases. They used to talk a lot about fiducie, a form of mental energy which allows them to make changes to my inner state.

They often make repairs to my energy body. Some of them mirror my desires, some of them are just trying to do their work, or so they say; and a few are malicious.

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I really would like to talk to you. I’m having the same problem. I’ve completely lost my life to these people. They make fun of me and call me all of these nasty names and they keep telling me to “move away from here”. They say we are connected and they can hear my thoughts. So I started to learn to just focus on images in my mind and they have gotten so close to wherever I’m at that they see the same images I form in my mind. I know this because they yell what I’m thinking out loud. I started to record them everyday. They aren’t just in my head and I have proof. They keep telling me that I know what I have done when I didn’t do anything at all except give up my life because I’m afraid to do anything at all. I’m a recluse and don’t want to socialize. One girl is the worst. She went after a guy that I liked and started dating him and she did it out of sheer spite.because she can hear my thoughts. If you figured out a solution please tell me

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Thought broadcasting is a common symptom, and people can’t really hear your thoughts, but it feels convincing. Also, the voices are very good at mimicking people and deceiving the voice hearer that they are people you know. They are just voices.

Are you one medication? What are you on?

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No I’m not on any medication. I promise you it isn’t just in my head. I started recording them and taking pictures also to support my theories. They are terrible people and almost like a cult

I don’t think any of our voices are just in our head @Jessicabur83. But the medication helps regardless. These voices are pretenders, they will concoct a story based on your fears and beliefs and pretend to be that. They are still real, but don’t get worked up about the story. Get on medication!


Don’t fall for their tricks and don’t hate yourself or lose your genuine self over them. They get nasty thst doesn’t mean you have to

They whisper behind me from another room and i can’t understand but sometimes I hear them and They are talking about me and the government. If they know I can hear them they insult me and swear at me.

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there is predomint voice present all time whatever meds are i feel it somehow
but all other voices who love to talk they just go away on meds
dont be afraid they all go away on medications