Need advice!

Since i was i kid i suffered anxiety and panic attacks. Its been 8 years now.
Panic attacks happens only in closed places and anxiety has been reduced to a very high level.
Well lately i have problems with reality. Many times i feel like the world around me is unreal and when i look myself in the mirror i dont feel like i know myself like someone else is there. To be honest there are days dat i dont have it but there are also days i have i have it every single minute. I also have weird thoughts like is that my hand ? or why did i said that?..
Well i dont know if i have delusions but before gouing to bed i like imaging that im a stronger person like i dont have any problems like that . I dont know if these are delusions i dont really know what are delusions exactly didn’t get it.
But hallucinations. 2 days now i have a buzzing in my ears mostly in the left one and i comes and goes away.
I came here to ask for you help because i am really broke and i dont have the money for a therapist or for any kind therapy and i like to know if what i feel is schizophrenia.
I feel like i am going crazy and id like to know what im going thru

I think someone on this site said that the pdoc’s say you’re sz if you have been psychotic for six months or more. If you think you need psychiatric help you can get it from the state, depending on the resources for that in your community. What you describe is very similar to the way I was when I was young. You can hold on for a long time in that condition, but it will be unpleasant, to say the least. I wouldn’t be too eager to be dx’ed sz because it means you have to take anti-psychotic medications, which are very debilitating for most people who have to take them. I would check into what resources are available to you, though.

So you have been diagnosed with sz?
well Id like to add that my mother also had tinnitus. I dont know if this is hallucinations.
I Also never had any relative who had been diagnosed with any kind of psychiatric condition and i feel really weird.
Btw Thank u for being that helpful :slight_smile:

You need to see a doctor. A lot of schizophrenia-like symptoms can be caused by other things, like PTSD, poisoning or a tumour.Only a doctor can tell you what the problem is, not an Internet forum full of strangers.


what kind of doctor should i visit? I dont have enough money to start checking every doctor…

Usually a family doctor will refer you to a specialist depending on the symptoms you provide them with. Or if you are in danger of hurting yourself or others go to an emergency department and ask to be admitted.


well we have no family doctor…
And i never had any thoughts of hurting myself. I just wanted to know how people with sz feel and if these symptoms are the same with mines.

  1. If you’re having these symptoms you NEED to have them checked out by a doctor. Might be something that’s not a big deal. Might be SZ. Might be something life-threatening.
  2. If it is SZ, it generally doesn’t get better without treatment. Usually gets worse. The longer you leave it untreated, the harder it is to recover, and that’s if you do recover (people who dodge treatment for too long can sometimes permanently mess themselves up).
  3. The best outcomes are associated with early medical intervention, which is why you see a lot of people here stressing the importance of it.


In the US there might be a state health and welfare department with free or sliding scale mental health clinic.

Also in the US:
NAMI Helpline (I never have called, but it says they can put people in touch with services…)
M-F, 10 AM - 6 PM ET

Check out NAMI and local MHMR. They will get you help with free or low cost treatment

I had those same symptoms. When I was in the beginning stages of schizoaffective disorder. U may have it.

Disociation. Or how ever it is spelled. I had that a lot as a kid. Left my body. Didn’t recognize myself in the mirror or photos. Have had some experiences like that after my diagnose. I wasn’t sure if I was awake or dreaming.

You should see a doc to rule out other disorders. You need to be psychotic for 6 months to have schizophrenia.

Delusions are beliefs you have that are an absolute truth to yourself. Everyone saying otherwise is lying. Example. Some of my delusions were I could walk on water. I was spyed on. People were out to kill me. I had to save the angels trapped in the walls. I had to stay in the dark because “they are in the light”. Who or what was in the light I still don’t know. I only know the voices told me to stay away from the light. I tried to turn off the lights at ER.

The panic and anxiety and feeling like nothing is real reminds me of my PTSD. Many times I will get a feeling like nothing around me is real and I’m in a dream or something, my therapist calls this dissociating.

Do you know if your anxiety is from anything traumatic? I’m not a doctor or anything, just speaking from experience. I’m really sorry you can’t afford therapy. That’s awful.