U.S. Haldol Shortage - Plans?

It wouldn’t surprise me if the shortage was artificially created so they could raise the price. Most AP’s are expensive.


Wouldn’t surprise me either. I have an Obamacare plan with a huge deductible so I have to pay out of pocket for my meds. To go from $33 to $55 to $135 within three months is insane.

I’m thrilled my pharmacy managed to get me a six month supply of the Zydus Haldol, but I keep cringing wondering what it’s going to cost me…

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They can keep haldol and Seroquel away from me.


I confirmed the shortage with my pharmacy today. They can’t fill my prescription.

My pdoc doesn’t have an opening for an appointment until December.

Now I wonder if I should look for a Pdoc who will see me sooner. I really don’t want to run out of my current med before getting stable on another one. What if the new one starts making my face tick or something? I want to maintain a safety net against craziness.

I would first call and see if your pdoc will call in something else, under the circumstances. It’s not your fault there is a national shortage and you tried to get an appointment. This is an emergency as far as I’m concerned and your pdoc should treat it as such!

Just think of all the terrified people who don’t even know about a shortage yet and are still going to find out they have to have a last minute med change. It’s absolutely criminal to do that to us who try so hard to hold it together in the first place.

Your pdoc should be responding to you now when you still have some Haldol left to transition with.


Yes, she should.

I’m looking for a new psychiatrist now. I’m running out of Haldol, my pharmacy can’t refill my prescription, and my current psychiatrist won’t see me until December 6th. I need a better psychiatrist.

I’ve spent about a week of very valuable free time trying to figure out how to respond to this crisis. That alone seems unacceptable.

I need a better psychiatrist.

That is unacceptable. Absolutely unacceptable.

Can you try to get in with your primary care doc in the meantime, just to get something started? Or maybe a Med Express type of place? This is FAR from ideal but better than nothing. We need to get you transitioning ASAP. A trip to the ER is going to be expensive but may be better than being actually hospitalized later.

This whole situation just frustrates me no end. i now have a six month supply of Haldol 20 mg tabs with my name on them at my Walgreen’s but I’m still really angry I had to go through the stress of lowering temporarily, and I’m REALLY angry on behalf of people like you who are trying to do the right thing and getting shut down for it.

I really hope you find a solution soon. keep us all posted.

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I just got a 90 days supply of 2mg no problem.

Can you look on the bottle and tell me who the manufacturer is, please?

The manufacturer says: MYLAN

Same manufacturer for my Haldol, usually. But, my pharmacy doesn’t have them, and the FDA Website says Mylan is out of stock of 2 mg. It seems to me that you got lucky this time.

@Rosenthal Have you had any luck with getting your pdoc to call in 5 mg tablets and then you can cut them in fours? 5 mg shows as available by Zydus, at least it did last week.

I’m really worried about you.

I’m going to start making a list of talking points for when she finally sees me on Dec 6. I believe that will be one of the talking points.

She would have to give me permission to cut 5 mg tablets into four pieces though. I’m not sure psychiatrists do that.

Do you have enough Haldol until Dec 6, or will you be out by then? I really hate that they won’t squeeze you in sooner. It’s obviously an emergency!

I think my Haldol will last till Dec 6. I may not have enough to cross taper with another med though, and if the next med makes my face twitch as the last med change from Haldol did, I probably won’t have enough to get stable on the Haldol again as I did before while waiting for another appointment 3 weeks away. That’s why I changed psychiatrists to this one. My last one didn’t respond to my face twitching, as I recall.

What the hell?! How could they not respond to that? You really need a good pdoc!

Any of us could easily end up in the hospital without our meds. We know there is a shortage now while we still have part of a previous prescription. We are trying to plan ahead. Why are we the only ones who are treating this as seriously as it deserves?!

I guess I got lucky in getting mine. I would just call around to many different pharmacies though and see who has it in pill dosages that would work then have your doctor send the script to the best pharmacy. Since it may be in shortage go for a 90 day supply. You could probably get a good price for it too through goodrx.

I’ll try to remember to check in to let you know that I’m ok. Other than that, though, I’m going to try to stop posting on this site for a while. These medication shortages have gotten me in a bad mood about the pharmaceutical and psychiatric industries, and I don’t think I can be as positive about them as I’d like to be right now.

That’s totally understandable. I will definitely look for you, especially closer to Dec 6, to hopefully see that you’re still okay though!

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@Rosenthal How did your appointment go? Were you able to come up with a good solution? I’ve been worried about you.

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