Adding Abilify!

So I saw my pdoc today.

She wants to add a small dose of Abilify to my Clozapine !!

Anyone on this combo ?


Did she say why ? I’m just on abilify.

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She said it works well with Clozapine…

I dont know. Ill try it. Its such a small dose im starting with, im not really worried !!

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Ive been on abilify before and it made me a bit manic.

So a small dose might help me !

Also im not on a mood stabaliser anymore, so maybe she wants the abilify to help with that.


My friend is on abilify and clozaril. He’s very stable imo. Although makes reckless decisions. It’s more mania than psychosis. They’re actually weaning him off the abilify right now.

He has trouble sleeping on clozaril. Might be the abilify. But everyone is different. But didn’t you say it’s too activating for you??

Maybe the clozapine will balance it out though.

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I’m on abilify and clozapine but I’m quitting it to go back to risperidone.
Be careful with the side effects like tardive dyskinesia for example - it’s a good combo to live with it, I did 10 mg of abilify with 75 mg of clozapine. The worst thing to me were the results in school, I didn’t perform so well compared with the time I was in risperidone…

Good luck with that treatment :wink:


Thanks guys,

Yea it did give me mania, but like you said, maybe the Clozapine will balance it out !!

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i never felt so well as when I finally got onto abilify. all other ap’s were so uncomfortable with their side effects never mind the mind was so zombie out from the others.

I love my abilify… and am on a high dosage (30 mg).


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