Addicted/Tolerance to Xanax

I have severe panic attacks and like an idiot bought some Xanax over the net. I have been talking it non stop for two weeks and my fear is i and addicted to it. Has anyone else been in this situation and if so what did you do

PS I don’t want to involve my psychiatrist.

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Xanax Withdrawal: Symptoms, Timeline & Treatment (

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How did you get legit Xanax online?
Most are fake and you can’t know what its made out of.
Be careful.

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If the Xanax is not legit then does that mean it is working as a placebo and not addictive? Can you see where I am coming from?

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Who knows? It could be rat poison for all you know.

I think you can get drug testing kits that check to see if it is a benzo or not.

Is the best thing to do to start by taking it every other day. I work part time and if I panic at work I will have to walk out as I am with an agency

This may sound dramatic, but I would go to the ER to be tested.

You have no freaking idea what was in some pills you bought illegally over the internet.

You could be addicted to anything,

Or worse, poisoning yourself.

See a doctor and be honest about what’s going on,

For your health.


THE ER equivalent in the UK is not so well funded like the US model.

They don’t have the capacity to screen for drugs unless they need a toxicology test for a post mortem!

I’m sure if you explained that you are addicted to a mystery substance you found online they’d do a test.


You could buy a home drug screening test and see what it is.

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They will probably say speak to your psychiatrist.

The home testing kits aren’t that comprehensive if it turns out to be rat poison

I’d stop taking it now. You have no idea what it is. If it is toxic, you’re just making yourself sick.

I know benzos need a tapering, but we don’t even know if you have legit benzos.

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You’ve shot down all my answers.

What are you going to do?

Just keep taking that ■■■■?

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You are taking your life, into your own hands. You should stop now. :honeybee::honeybee::honeybee:

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Maybe you are correct

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Thank you everyone for your support

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Don’t buy drugs on the internet.

Damn, did you read this thread at all?

Absolutely do not share places to buy meds online. That’s instant suspension.


Go to the ER and get tested immediately!

You don’t know what you took.

Could be toxic.

Do not buy pills over the net!


Oh big no-no. Those pills are probably made in China or India…what you took I don’t know!

Yeah . . . I don’t get what I want from doctors, although I try very hard to establish relationships with them.

My great grandfather was a doctor, but he died before I was born. Therefore, my grandmother was a doctor’s kid.

When I was a teen and going to go to a doctor, my grandmother advised that I take a bath and put on clean clothes. Decades later, I still have no better strategy than that to get good service from doctors.