Wish my pdoc would give me Ativan

I don’t want to take them everyday but a couple for a Saturday night would be good. I could order some off the internet but I don’t trust myself with them, would probably get addicted, plus I nearly killed myself with benzo’s once. Also if my parent’s found out they would not be happy at all. I just feel like I could do with a buzz now and then. Alcohol’s out of the question and illegal drugs are definetly out of the question.

I have used Ativan only twice in my life, both times because I went off meds. Makes you feel great for a bit, but its not something to mess with.

I don’t understand the appeal to benzodiazepines. then again i only take .5 milligrams of them. to me they just make you sleepy

I’ve only had ativan in the hospital and I remember it just relaxed me for a little while.

It does, but its very easy to get addicted, trust me, I just got some on Thursday, and its been all I can think abut since, is how relaxed I was and how nice it felt. and it isn’t even an addiction to the med itself just the feeling it gave me

I think if I ever go psychotic again (and inevitably catatonic) I’ll ask the doctor for Ativan because it’s a very effective anticatatonic medicine. They gave me it at the hospital and it snapped me out of it about twelve hours later. But it made me dizzy, tired, and high and I don’t like to be inebriated.

I have been on either xanax, klonapin, or valium for the last 15 years. Benzodiazepines are extremely addictive, and you will develop a tolerance if taken regularly. If you want to understand some of the negative things that can happen because of these meds you should visit the forum called Benzo Buddies. It took me 2 years of slow tapering to get down to 20 mg of valium, and it will probably take me 3 more years to get off of that, which is not a big dose. Anyways, I just thought I would share some info that I wish I knew before hopping on these drugs.

You don’t take ativan for the buzz, you take it for anxiety. It’s a medication you take for a medical condition, not to get loaded.

My understanding is that the big issue with benzos is that you can easily build up tolerance to them, requiring higher and higher dosages to get the same sought after effect. Eventually it gets to a point where you’ve gotta knock it off, or you’re posing a danger to yourself, and then you’ve gotta deal with the withdrawal effects. This seems to be why most doctors only want to use benzos for short term emergency relief, such as a patient severely freaking out in the ER, and to give time for a patient’s new prescription to take effect and reduce anxiety.

I won’t even touch them these days, because when I tried them in the past, they just made me feel drunk, only helped for a couple hours max (and sometimes I still couldn’t sleep), and I knew there was a risk of addiction. Just not worth it.

Buzz? Seriously? I hate anxiety medicine. I’m prescribed 3mg of klonopin a day and probably average half that. My new shrink no longer writes the prescription with the “as needed” caveat. ■■■■■■’s trying to make me feel guilty, I think. I function better on all three. It’s easier to get out and I’m less likely to destabilize during long periods of time alone. But I hate the extra sedation.

You shouldn’t take Benzos to get high.

It’s for anxiety, and should be taken as prescribed.

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