Addicted/Tolerance to Xanax

Not only do you not know for sure what your taking, but you don’t know for sure what the dosage is you’re taking. That could be another whole problem.

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It could be xanax.
If you get withdrawal symtoms, you are addicted.

This is what I find strange. The COVID is made in India. So what are the guarantees and similarities?

If you’ve only been taking it for 2 weeks you can just stop, stop as soon as you can. You may get a few withdrawal symptoms but you’ll be fine. Just be glad you didn’t get something laced with fentanyl and you’re still alive.

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I suffer from panic attacks. It sucks! They’ve ruined my life completely! I haven’t had any joy as an adult because of it. I eat paxil for it but it doesn’t help, it only helps for depression. I refuse to take any type of benzo.

I can emphasise with you totally Speedy.

It’s either taking Xanax and stay in work or stop them and get nasty panic attacks and quitting the job.

I am on day 11. I am hoping I can taper down over the weekend and sleep it off.

You need to see a doctor. Maybe the drugs they give you will help!

Don’t taper down!

Stop taking it and get to a doctor.

You have no idea what you’re taking.

We’ve been over this.

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I have exhausted all anti dep meds and benzos are a no go with the psych.

How about beta-blockers?

Hi I already take propanol hence why I describe it as severe

I am going to make a pact with you guys not to succumb to the pressure of taking another Xanax. The withdrawal will be a challenge.

A nurse prescriber I spoke to last said if I gave you lorazepam or other benzos then you will be a drug addict. I hoping those words are not true if so then I am going to have to get my psyc involved.

Kind regards


That’s good to hear. You can always call a help line when you feel the urge to take another pill. I will link them here.

International crisis hotlines:

Crisis hotlines in the U.S.:

More resources:

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Thanks for the links. That was very thoughtful. I rang them and they really did help.

Big thank you

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I managed to go without Xanax yesterday but I keep having the urge to take one if I need to

go outside to do food shopping for example.

Did you get a prescription or still taking online Xanax?

This month I’ve been having terrible panic attacks and took beyond my daily. I’m gonna run out before my refill. Anticipating bad withdrawals. Worried.

I can completely understand the situation you are in worried you may run out,

I would not advocate getting any online.

I lost my job yesterday and have stopped Lorazepam cold turkey as I don’t have the reason to continue taking them from online,

Hope you find peace.

Finally off Xanax after going cold turkey 2 weeks ago.

No longer in my system.

Still getting panic attacks but taking clozapine.

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