Addicted to sugar

Anyone else here have a sugar addiction? I don’t smoke or drink often so it’s basically my drug of choice. I wonder does it help the schizophrenic brain function better?

I take Zyprexa and I believe it makes me crave sugar and fats. I have some days where I find myself buying a lot of sugary foods and will eat like 100 grams. Though I also have days where I mostly avoid it. Strangely, I’ve found that eating a lot of sugar helps control my weight because I eat less of regular foods.


I’m right there with you, but I’ve been this way since I was a child. My mom says there’s been times she’s found me sitting on the kitchen table eating sugar straight from the sugar bowl! I’ve stopped eating sugar before but if I eat anything with sugar in it I’m right back to square one.

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Eating straight sugar— that’s funny! Well, I just did a bodyweight workout and afterwards puked up the ice cream I had eaten. Make exercise with change my eating habits for the better


Ive read that back in the day like medieval times or whatever sugar was considered to be more of a drug than a food item. It can definatley be addicting, as evolution makes us crave high calorie foods and with the invention of sugar and processed oils our bodies arent really made for these foods.

I think a good alternative if you are craving sugar is to replace it with your most favourite fruits. Like even if you have to spend a bit extra, having that consistent intake of real fruit sugar could take away any craving for the processed kind.


If you go by the numbers sugar is 4kcal/g fats are 9kcal/g.

Eating sugar increases your bloodsugar levels immediately, then the pancreas releases insulin which causes the bloodsugar level to drop rapidly. - is my understanding

Same here. When I was little I would bury my cereal in sugar. Now I still crave it. I’ve heard that sugar causes inflamation in the body. When I consume a lot of sugar I spit out a lot of phlem.

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Constantly check your sugar levels. If results are coming up high consult an endocrionologist. I heard reports attributing contraction of diabetes type ii associated with zyprexa.

I am quitting eating sugary foods except in small amounts like in energy bars. The reason is I have the first signs of lines forming on my forehead and I want to stay as young looking as possible. This is after 6 months of eating sweet foods every day or two so not easy.

Holy cow, all the more reason to abstain from sugar

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I used to use like 9 sugar cubes a day in my coffee. Plus sugary drinks and sugary cereals.

Now i stopped using sugar cubes and less sugary drinks

I love sugar also

Olanzapine does give sugar cravings, along with cravings for other foods.

I was so hungry all the time on Olanzapine 20mg

Don’t worry about it. I think we all have mega appetites if we’re honest. AS cause this and it’s a common side effect

Nesta xx

I tried cutting sugar and carbs, ended up miserable with low blood glucose symptoms almost fainting and dizzy. I lost weight but it wasn’t worth it, now I am back to my needed carbs.

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