Actually ....voices are real ppl

they are crazy
they are still with me from 11 years
thats absolute craziness
recently what happened to me ?
they bring to me videos on porn websites
these videos has girls similar to girls i saw in my everday life thats not problem at all
the problem is they simulate with me real sex
sometime i become man who do this and they get girl to me
sometime person talk to me as if i m woman and we do it
thats seem to be very advaced technology
they are real ppl
they tell me stories i never knew before like if they experienced in these topics
they are real people

another thing
i made posts on my facebook that say
they are egi and cia
i felt as if i m right
i begin to see things that make feel my assumption is right

but i removed posts to not to lose my job and look like crazy
becoz they said to me
now you are carzy
and we will never go
and you will make propaganda to us

what the hell ?
what i m supposed to do
thats absolute animal craziness

pls anyone think with me wt should i do ?
i seem defeated by their logic

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Hmm. . .

Your Wish Is My Command.


My Words Are Important.

My Words Are True.

Have A Great Morning, Noon, Afternoon, Evening, And Or Night!.

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Hey man, they’re not real. Think of them as stuff leaking from your unconscious mind into the conscious part of your mind. They can be safely ignored. Your doctors can help you with this by changing or increasing medication. Therapy can also help in addition to meds.

Are you on meds now? Talking to doctors regularly?


Hmm. . .

It’s True @saynow, Voices Are Very Peculiar As @velociraptor Says.

And She/He Was Once A Moderator Too (!!!).

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Yeah, I agree with pixel. They are not real people. Voices are a complex topic, sometimes they are related to past trauma, but we do know that they come from your own mind.

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I agree the voices are real people. I’ve been reading lots of stuff about the Multiverse for pretty much a decade (since I was a teenager) and I have learned lots of stuff. If the Multiverse contains absolutely every possible Universe ever, then there’s also a Universe where these people, for purely statisical coincidence (since we’re talking about an infinite Multiverse) can manage to talk with us (sometimes intentionally sometimes not) and we can hear them. I have been reading stuff about quantum physics for several years as well, and it seems like it’s true that there are infinite realities. If that is ever 100% confirmed by science, then yeah that means it’s true that there are infinite realities, including one where the voices we hear are actual conscious people and/or beings. But I already believe it’s true. I like Rick & Morty since it talks about it, too.


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