Accidently double my dose on ap

I got up took it…my little one fell back asleep so did I…when we got up again I forgot and I took another…felt jittery and disorganized also got shaky and Agitated…that was all day…■■■■…won’t do that crap again…I had to go to my lawyers…I’m sure I was acting off…was not a great day…thank Odin’s fuzzy nipples today is mostly over…

I hate how high levels of AP’s make me feel. I hope tomorrow is better for you :slight_smile:

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I’ve done that before, its a little scary. but now I keep track of my meds in a med tray and I take Haldol three times a day.

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Might have been placebo, I’ve been on really high doses and didn’t experience any adverse effects other than zombification. Its actually hard to od on alot of antipsychotics.

Lol nah I didnt realize I had taken it until well into the day…and all the fun side effects…

What med are you on?