About "profile view"

Yeah I know I’m slowly getting to act as a new topic machine marker, so please don’t mind for making one more… I was just curious about what do you guys think about this profile view feature, or the fact that any stranger on internet can see your whole history on forum just if he/she has enough time to waste.
I kind of feel a little uncomfortable with that.

I was only on one forum before, it was some way below this community group of mums and babies, and I remember that random guests couldn’t view the member’s profiles unless they register too.

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I never really thought about it, but now that you mention it, anyone who wants to seeing my profile is a little disturbing to me

Sorry. :disappointed: maybe it is just my problem.
Here, a bunny for good morning/good night to all of you :rabbit2:


ms princess can hack it on the streets of the web? :smile:

at least they can’t read your PMs

Yeah, totally good point…geeez. :neutral_face:

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I don’t like it either.

I don’t really care because I remain relatively anonymous


I have no problem with this standard feature of many forums.

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Well it is just that…like, social networks have that privacy thing…you can set up your privacy…so no one can see your stuff…other than profile picture… I know this not that kind of thing.
Ok, I have like a 290 views so far and I don’t feel good about it. I mean, who are those people? :imp:

I only have 48 views. So much for being important enough to be paranoid.

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I have nothing to hide. Let who wants to see me here or anywhere else on the Interent, see me. I am presenting my life story as a schizophrenic-hospitals, doctors, fellow sufferers and all. I’ve been doing this since last May 29. I have been presenting this to my friends. Now I am thinking of going public. People like what I’m posting there. They tell me I am a good writer and that I ought to write a book. A lot of them are indifferent. My stuff is much too serious and heavy to be posted on Facebook. I have no other venue. One thing I can’t take, however, is criticism.

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I’m afraid I don’t understand your point…

Wow 290!!! Thats kinda creepy. Does it make you feel weird knowing that many people have looked at your profile? :smoking:

Yes! Finally someone understands :cry:

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If people are worried about privacy on here, then I dont think that they shoud be so open about posting their photos of themselves.

I am not worried about people viewing my profile, I make sure that I dont post photos of myself, thats all.


Oh I understand. If nearly 300 hundread people had looked at my profile id get really paranoid and stop using the site. Its creepy. It should be set so only users can view profiles I think

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You are right. Still I felt better without knowing how many people read and look at my stuff.
@brucewillis you’re my man.:tophat: :smoking:

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You think they should not post photos of themselves? Why should you care who posts photos of themselves? Are we not allowed to be paranoid/suspicious about this unless we are also paranoid about showing our faces? Does not make sense at all.


No I dont care what other people do - I personally would not expose myself like that, but thats just my paranoid nature.

Relax …

He is right.
There. Straight outta your mother, stalkers :sunglasses: