About hearing voices

Hello, so all the paranoia and delusions dissapeared but the only thing that stayed on me is the voices that i hear, it’s annoyinq, nothing that will kill me i try to ignore it but it really stops me from thinking doing math and reading books and stuff. What medicine will help me stop hearing voices? I already take abilify. I over think to muuch and these damn voices .

It all depends on what kind of voices they. Mine were uncontrollable for months but now they go away as long as I don’t think about them. I’m on respiridone. What med are you on?

The thing that stopped my voices is a pretty massive dose of what i was already taking, which i already knew worked well for me.

it was chance finding this medicine, and it is typical, but very strong and effective.

i had voices for 20 years. only irritated by them, not really disturbed except when i was ill

now they’ve stopped.

figure out how badly you want them to stop

I take a depot injection. the last week of 4 was always a bit stressful and sometimes psychotic because of it wearing off. now i 600 not 500 and every 3 weeks.

that is actually a bit scary, but 500 every 3 weeks was still leaving me stressed and unstable one week out of 3

so now i’m stable and i don’t hear voices, but i get even worse sedation once every 3 weeks when the amounts in my system get stronger.

I have some good days where I’m not having any sneaky brained thinking and I’m not hallucinating visually and my mind feels steady and clear. But then the chatter…

My doc keeps saying he can raise my dose enough to blast the voices out of my head. I just don’t like the sound of that. I feel my med balance is really good right now and I’m afraid to tinker with it.

I just have to live with the chatter chatter and find a way to cope around them. Somedays are easier then others.

I’m going to do a poll on which anti-psychotics folks on here have found most effective. But consider that some meds take time to work even when you’ve increased to the therapeutic dose. Someone may correct me on this, but I do believe that risperdal is one of the most potent atypical anti-psychotics that hits that part of the brain hard (where voices manifest)? Also, zyprexa (olanzapine) is the fastest acting. I take seroquel at a significantly high dose for my symptoms. Hope this helps in some way. Cheers.

Link to Poll: Poll: Which anti-psychotic have you found to be the most effective for you?