Do you still

Hear voices/have hallucination/delusions/ideas of reference/etc even on meds?

I still hear voices but they are quiet at times and I get bouts of paranoia despite medication

I am sorry, I guess meds are not perfect

But it has improved over time

I have treated my brain injury with Niacin and Niacinamide and no longer hear voices. It took 4 months. I’m tapering off Paliperidone now, and only am going to continue taking Abilify 2mg to stop thought broadcasting.

I don’t have positive symptoms even when I miss my dose

You are fortunate then.

I still hear things late at night when I’m up alone but it’s not constant just a thought here or there. It’s easier to recognize it’s coming from my own head now when it does happen. I’m nervous about smoking marijuana again, I think that’s how my voices started.

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I would not recommend smoking marijuana with your condition


Yes I still get days on occasion when I hear voices even on meds. Usually when I am under stress but sometimes out of the blue as well.

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I still get a lot if hallucinations and delusions. More recently. I think the haldol just isn’t as effective as it used to be.

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Nah i dont just negatives mainly. I can still talk to them but they only reply with one or two words. And its not even consider audiable how quiet it is. I can talk for them but honestly i think its just me being a goofball again cause i use to say and do random stuff before i started hearing voices :joy::joy::joy::frog::robot::alien:🕪:loud_sound: hahah let me stop

Yes. I hear external voices everyday. I still think people are after me though I know they’re not. Latuda helps.

I realised I am so blessed that I am symptoms free, once I drank 8 coffees and 3 eergy drinks (monster) and even then I did not had symptoms

I hear sarcastic voices even on meds… but manageable…

I am sorry for you guys, i gonna take the cure from my attic and gave it to you

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Yes I get delusions and orders. When I walk to the grocery store I say one or two sentence to myself, but not loudly. And never around people. The orders are the worst, but they do not come that often across the day. Delusions are way harder, they just drain my energy.

I do that to, I make sure nobody is around me and start commenting briefly on things, it makes me feel special

yes, I get breakthrough hallucinations once or twice a month on 30 mg Haldol, and I am nearly constantly still paranoid with delusions.

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I have all of those still on meds but they don’t last as long, some days more frequent.