About getting assistance at an university

Good morning. I was wondering if you have experience getting assistance at a university and what kind of assistance do they usually give to you?

I know that my university has assistance for this issues. Things like changing dates of exams… What else?

I´m feeling pretty down lately and I cannot study well. I am on abilify 15mg and probably should be on antidepressants aswell. I want to make sure when July comes to be safe and not to stress out about it.


If you feel you should be on an AD you need to act quickly. I wish I had done so sooner as Zoloft makes me feel a lot better.

I got no help from my University when I was sick, they just put me in touch with mental health services.

That said if you already diagnosed then most places have student support services

I was diagnosed two months after I finished when I went even more psychotic

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