Anyone else find school tough with AntiPsychotics?

I’m finding it difficult to study or do my readings for school. I’m in my third year of University and it seems hopeless.

I was on Invega Injections and recently switch to Abilify about 4 months ago but I feel that the Invega is still in my system.

I’d like to hear back from other students. How are you guys doing in school with the medication?

are you @Bipolar_Bear ??

No. I’m new here on this forum.

I find it hard to do anything on antipsychotics.
That would include school and work.


Odd, that’s not a very common username. Anyways, welcome.

I go to school and am having a lot of trouble but i don’t think the APs are to blame in my case, just my classroom anxiety which ive had since high school

I’m feeling like dropping out of Uni which is a stupid idea because i’m 2/3rds done at this point.

I just don’t have the drive to do my readings or study for my classes…

I’m in the same boat. I don’t have the motivation to study for school.

School sucks anyway. My advice would be to get it done so you can say that you have your degree. You’ll feel better about yourselves. Remember getting motivated to study is hard for normies too


I find it hard to get motivated to study/read as well. I think my meds are only partly to blame. I have also been diagnosed with low thyroid which can lower your energy and make you tired. I start my meds for that tomorrow, actually. But anyway, what I have done is break my study down into frequent short chunks. It’s not perfect but it helps me get more done than if I didn’t study or read at all. Even with that plan, it ain’t easy. I feel you.

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I am actually pretty much caught up on my work. I might get 6-7/8 credits this quarter which is pretty good. At my school they can take away a credit or two if you miss x amount of assignments but I still will probably get 7/8 credits. I almost dropped out earlier in the year but doing really well now. I’m sick though which is making it difficult this week to do work. I may email my professor if I’m still sick tomorrow :head_bandage:


So if you miss assignments and stuff they drop your credits instead of your grade or? I believe at my school, if you miss points it simply lowers your grade which affects your GPA

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Yeah we don’t have grades so that’s why. I could still get 8 credits probably but I missed my fair share of work.

@chew Your college is awesome :slight_smile: I was just looking on their website, really awesome

You go to TESC?

Same here, especially on the typical ap’s. I can function almost okay on Geodon and Seroquel, but I can’t do anything on any of the typical ap’s.

Welcome @Bipolarbear 2! I have bad news, you have an evil doppelrganger here already! :smiling_imp:

I’d suggest finishing your degree if you’re at all capable of doing so. Otherwise all the time and effort that you’ve put into has been wasted. Even if you’re only barely passing, having a degree is better than having no degree. At least you’ll have a justification of how you spent your time the last several years while attending university.


What helped me was instead of pushing myself into studying or reading for long intense grueling periods of time. Instead break it down into more manageable blocks of time. Its called the Pomodoro Method of studying. You read or study for 25 minutes then take a 5 minute break. After 4 Pomodoros you take a 20 minute break.

Also I needed to rethink how I studied. What once worked didn’t work anymore. If you take the quiz below in the link it can help you learn what type of learner you are and give you tricks to help you study more efficiently.

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That test surprised me. It said I was an auditory learner. I’ve always pictured myself as a tactile learner. I have trouble remembering verbal instructions.