Abortion is not worse than having an unloved child

This is the belief of a tribe of Australian Aborigines. I agree with it.


Has anyone heard of adopting out?

I have and it’s not the same as an abortion.

Abortion is MUCH easier.

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Before the process of abortion was explained to me, I was pro-abortion. Now I’m very pro-life.

ETA: Just my personal opinion, not debating.

It’s against the rules to talk about abortion. Just sayin’

From the forum rules:

• The Debate About Abortion

Many of our members have strong religious convictions concerning abortion. Thus we ask that our members respect each other’s differing points of view regarding abortion. Specifically, we ask that members not debate the topic of abortion in our communities.


I wasn’t trying to make it an abortion thing.

I just want to say adoption isn’t the great alternative everyone thinks it is.


It is a statement, not meant to start a debate. As an unloved child, I have always wished I were dead.

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You have too much apathy. Learn to love yourself.

The debate over abortion is mentioned by name in the rules, guys.

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