Adopting makes such a numb bunny

They are the lost. My sympathy for them has limits.

Is someone adopting a bunny?

Or are you tired of adopted children?

Tired of adopted children.

Are there adopted children around you who make you tired?

Yes, but they don’t make me tired like they did when I was a child. I had an adopted brother 3 years older than myself and I’m quite sure my neighbor was adopted although it was never mentioned. She was numb some which made me think that and condescending.

I was wondering, you mention this every one in a while,… I was thinking there was some adoption in your life.

Yeah, it’s an issue to me, especially when people used to say that I and my brother could get married.

I’m sorry about that… no wonder that would bug you. Maybe adoption was different when you were a kid. Most people don’t really comment on it when kids say they are adopted or in a foster family.

Unless they are in a foster family and show up to swim lessons with big knuckle bruises all over their back. Then it gets mentioned a lot.

In my old neighborhood when I was growing up, a girl on my block was adopted. About 6 of us hung around outside together all the time. We all knew she was adopted but she didn’t know she was adopted. I wonder if her parents ever told her?

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My friend from childhood who reconnected with me recently was adopted, so was his kid sis. His adopted parent’s are genuinely nice people. They just couldn’t have a baby. He got adopted by nice people and he’s a pretty nice guy himself.

When he became an adult, he said he tried to find his adopted parents. He found his Mom. She basically told him, she didn’t want anything to do with him when he was born, and she doesn’t want anything to do with him now.

He’s pretty grateful for being adopted, so is his sis.

I don’t think makes dumb…

my kids were adopted :frowning:


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I wrote numb, not dumb.
I’m surprised a sz was allowed to adopt.

My feelings on this is children didn’t ask to be born…it’s everyone’s job to help raise the kids who are already here.
Not like you could put them back if you changed your mind anyway.

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