Abnormal prolactin levels

So i had my blood drawn and the results just came in.
The normal healthy prolactin level in a human is more or less 300-350
Mine came in to be… 3000! 10 times more than normal. Do you know if this is in any way related to schizophrenia or is this just a seperate thing that i have. Thanks guys :slight_smile:

Nevermind i found it myself, shouldve looked before posting, sorry for polluting the forum :grimacing:

risperadone increased my prolactin levels and made me lactate

3000- wow that is high! Mine was 690 down from 720 the previous time.

My prolactin level is high - normal, I take Risperdal. Which antipsychotic are you taking? is it risperidone/Risperdal?

Do you get pleasure out of saying that?

No, i posted becouse i thought there might be a link between veryhigh prolactin level and hallucinations. Thrn i searched a little and found its just the risperdal, and i added the last part of the post. Why do you think i take pleasure in it?

My post was in reply to wizzer. It seemed to me he did. Besides I don’t trust him. Sorry.

why dont you trust me

Oh ok :blush: why dont you trust him?