Able to read again and other news

I’m so dramatic, I always think I’ve lost my ability to read when there’s other reasons than cognitive function. I’m reading a trashy book by Charles Bukowski and enjoying it. I am sleeping mostly in the night. I still practice guitar and mandolin and started playing the Irish bouzouki. I still don’t get out enough and I’m lonely as hell. I need to put exercise at the top of my list of things to do, but too much walking in the sun makes me feel bad. I feel fine but bored. I’m stuck with a mother I can’t shake who lives a day’s journey away by car or train. Sometimes I enjoy talking to her and other times I don’t…


I’m sorry you’re so lonely. I don’t handle being lonely well. Are there any Clubhouses near you? Check here:

I like the one near me. It’s very helpful for people with mental illness who are lonely.

I’m glad otherwise you’re doing better

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