It's so hard to just continue sometimes not suicide just suffering

Cos I do so little in my day and have no one I can hang out with.
I’m now going on fukinn bus rides to let time pass lol.
My bro caught me going for a bus ride the other day n he was like wat???
But its better than being in bed all day long!
Well I do also go gym and shop for necessary stuff including food

Wish me luck I need a job, I have just started searching :slight_smile:
It could be the start of much better times


N I’m scared about pulsating tinnitus that I get at night.

I’m hoping it is a benign form or reversible with a healthy lifestyle.

Do you know of anyone whose had this and then had a stroke?

I used to go on bus rides all the time. I would get so bored being at home alone all the time. I would just wanted around town aimlessly, look around craft and hobby stores, just wander. I kind of miss it sometimes. My anxiety is too high now to go out in public like that.


If you’re going on bus rides as well you’re doing better than me ! :smile:

It might be a good sign that you’re getting bored it could be some kind of zest for life returning.

Good luck with the job hunt. :four_leaf_clover:

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I agree with this. I started getting bored once the Zyprexa started controlling all my positive symptoms. Before, I left the house once a week for 1-2 hours and that was it. Feeling better, I’m volunteering twice a week, job hunting and driving myself everywhere. I do a lot of reading now, like 10-12 hours a day, but I could be much more productive earning more at work than I get on disability. Maybe you’re ready for your next chapter too!

Good luck on the job search!

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Ooh gd luck with the job hunt. That’s an exciting step. And signals a positive progress in your condition.
10 to 12 hours reading is amazing. Nice one

it was kinda bittersweet seeing @Jonnybegood getting a job.

I feel so worthless. Do what you can, @anon90843118, you be knowing the vibe to get out.

Why your brother be like that> no idea.

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Lol he is just concerned wat I’m doing why I don’t tell them n we can just hav played a game. But thx
Yea it’s kinda nice going out it’s true it just gets slightly monotonous. I need to vary the routes I suppose.
Ya I’m really happy for @Jonnybegood too, he really deserves it.
You ain’t worthless hope the feeling goes I’m sure there’s people who appreciate you and plus on here :slight_smile: :slight_smile: take care @Daze

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You’re very brave to go out in public and shop for yourself!

I wish you well on your job hunt.

I’m sure something good will pop up sometime soon.


I made a grilled ham and cheese sammich. Provolone. Yummy lol

How are you? I’m nearly comatose from all the food lol


Yes, harness that energy and get a job! You sound ready to focus.

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Trish, :slight_smile: I am well, thank you.

Those sandwiches you made sound yummy!

I just woke up from a super long nap. Having some tea right now.


Thanks @chordy yes I’m ready to focus. whether I’m ready to persevere long enough not to leave work idk but I think maybe yes! :blush:

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I got the sammich idea from YOU! I just woke up, myself. Had some freaky dreams.

I hope you are well rested, healthy, and happy. Take care!

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