Abilify took away my good OCD anyone try Latuda

So after being on Abilify for almost 2 months, it has now taken away the little things I love to do. Making bed every morning, the house work like cleaning and laundry. Now it’s effecting my work motivation. It’s taken the voices away but feels like the depression has snuck back in some. I just switched to Latuda hoping it’s a little lighter on my ocd and heavy on my bi polar symptoms. Am I asking for to much? Any one else experienced this and changed to Latuda for a much more positive result? I’m new with these meds.

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Never heard of good OCD. I thought OCD is a bad illness. Maybe you mean it gave you negative symptoms like a lack of motivation and low energy?

I found Latuda to be a lighter med than Abilify on the sz. I had some positive symptoms on 80mg Latuda but not on 20mg Abilify. I tried both.

I have schizophrenia, not bipolar or OCD, but Lurasidone (Latuda) is the best medication I have ever tried. I have been on it for 2-3 years now. I spent the last 17 years on 40mg of olanzapine which made me fat and lazy and very unhealthy from all the side effects.

My pdoc switched me to Lurasidone and I have improved dramatically, both psychologically and physically. It has no side effects for me, I’ve lost over 80lbs, achieved my BMI weight and my last several blood tests have all been perfect, even the diabetes olanzapine gave me is now under control. I got a job 6 months ago after not working for 17 years. It’s been a wonder drug for me. I am on 60mg.

I tried abilify back in 2012 and it didn’t work and I became psychotic, but while I was on it I didn’t have any side effects either. It literally had no effect on me in any way, it was like I was taking a sugar pill or something.