Abilify sugar pill

so i’ve been taking abilify 5 mg daily since friday…absolutely no change in the voices whatsoever. how long should i give it d’you think? ok, i know at least a week obvs but how long is long enough to know and at what dose? any advice welcome. xx

Jayne - I know from first hand experience, 5mg of Abilify might be ok for an antidepressant effect, but Abilify starts becoming an antipsychotic at the 10mg mark or even higher. I would give it more time and see if it helps at higher doses.
For some, it starts working at 30 mg - I wouldnt give up on it just yet - give it some more time then judge


Yeah, I think 5 mg of Abilify is too low for you, Jayne. You have quite sever symptoms , so I’d say 10 or 15 mg would be necessary. Maybe it should be at least 20 mg. Just keep trying and see when it starts to take effects on voices…

ok…just read the dosing info. gotta stay at 5mgs for two weeks then take it up by 2.5mgs every two weeks thereafter till i get to see it working. max dose 30mgs. so this is gona take a few months then…never mind. wish me luck folks xx


As Wave said, antipsychotic action does not appear until you hit about 15 mg. When Abilify first came out, it was only available in 15 and 30 mg. I’d give it a good solid 6-8 weeks at 15 mg +.

When I took Abilify it amped me up. It didn’t feel like an anti-psychotic. It did some good things for me, but I eventually had to be taken off it.

I started on 5 mg. Nothing happened until I was up in 15 mg. I have 20 mg today. But I still have voices. But no paranoia or delusions.

I looked it up in my med book. The peak for Abilify is 2 weeks, so you’ll have to wait for it to get to full concentration in your system.