ABILIFY - How long does it take to work?

Hi Guys,

How long does it take for Ability to work?

Probably different for everyone, but for me a week and I feel better

I was on 10mg for two weeks and it seemed to work for the first day-and-a-half and then not. Starting today I am on 20mg for the next two weeks.

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I find it works good for me

I’m on20 mg of abilify

I’m on 25 mg. It did not work in lower doses. I felt a differance in two weeks on lower dose but became psychotic, had to increase with 5 mg and 3-4 weeks later my psychotic symptoms flared up again. 25 mg is right for me. I have been stable for more than a year now. Except for voices. They don’t leave me alone.

If I were you I would give it a month, some antosychotics reach their maximum efficacy after anumber of months to a year. Don’t giv up on it before you have seen what it can do for you.

It took 3 months to work for me, but everyone is different.

ok thanks :slight_smile:

It took one month before I got over the sleepyness it caused, and 3 months before I wanted to discontinue it, but stayed on for a year and a half.

yeah, but did it quieten the voices?

Heck no, but it made me so tired I really didn’t care anymore.
Haldol decanoate (the shot) was a voice cleaner par excellence- so much so after a year or so I begged to try something else.
Couldn’t take the empty head voiceless zero of the quiet haldol shot.

what’s haldol? I’m also on 600mg of Clozapine at night, 400mg of Solian in the afternoon and 20mg of Abilify in the morning.

It’s a first generation anti psychotic.

You can get tardivedisconisia from it. Or what some people call restless leg syndrome.

Got to love polypharmcy…

Why do you have 3 APs?

Again, it depends on the user… it took me about three days for it to take effect.

Im titrating from solian to ability at the moment

3 days on Ability ONLY? How many mg? It’s been 4 days on 20mg for me

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It worked in like 2 days for me in getting rid of the delusions.
But overall it wasn’t the right med for me.