Abilify in dosage 10 mg

What can you say about that dosage?What side effects?I am dreaming about continuing my carrer as software developer. What do you think?

Worked good for me but I took 20mg I think.

What side effects did you have?

None that I can recall but I might not have noticed any. Ever since I had to go cold turkey off of Geodon for two weeks because the doctor I had at the time took a risk that turned out bad, I don’t notice any side effects or withdrawal symptoms aside from returning mental illness symptoms in the latter. For all I know that withdrawal damaged my self awareness because I don’t see why I’d have superhuman adapting abilities to this stuff from any psych med if I forget to take it.

I’m on 10mg. That’s the minimum dose for schizophrenia. My side effects are restlessness and anxiety. I take l-theanine and a bcomplex to help me with those side effects.

I’ve no idea if you can be a software developer or not, but wish you luck.

Huh. That’s weird, I must’ve been on 10mg then and I’m remembering wrong or my doctor just didn’t know what she was doing with it. I used to be able to remember what meds and dosages I took until I started having to take like 7 pills a day now.

What do you think about 10 mg of abilify? is it low dose? Does it affect motivation and concentration?

i took 20mg and got really really bad anxiety, lower than 20mg and I was really really tired and felt like a zombie.

Like all of the anti-P’s, [drug Brand and generic names] is a molecule of a particular sort coming into contact with a brain full of other molecules of a particular sort. Thus, it will work just dandy for some, fairly well for some, not so great for some, and plain horrible for the rest. One may have to try several before finding the one that works best and produces the least discomfiting side effects.

While research into who this is so is underway on a broad front, the complexities involved suggest that it may be a long, long time before p-docs are able to give sz patients a “test” of some sort that determines (relatively) precisely what particular anti-P is best for their particular brain full of molecules.

If sufficiently intrigued, look into Stephen Stahl’s work, as he does a nice verbal and pictorial job of explaining all this.

I take 900 mg of seroquel and 15 abilify. I am going to take 10 mg of abilify only. What do you think?And with time I will decrease dosage to 7,5.

I don’t know. 10mg is the minimum dose for schizophrenia. 7.5mg didn’t work for me. I had suicidal ideation on abilify 5mg and 7.5mg.