A written message to all that hurt some times like me

The Awesome Side of being Schizophrenic or Schizophrenia
While many people might assume either of this diagnosis are bad. It is actually a blessing that people are helping one another with life because each of us deals with certain situations pertaining to our goals in life. While many may say thinking is negative or we are in a fantasy, I like to believe we are living in God’s realm that reality is right in front of us. All kinds of people get signs in front of them that some may not even see. We are blessings just like any one in the world who suffers from something else. I notice a lot of people with this illness including myself tend to exaggerate because we may be over cautious due to our surroundings. One thing that affects us may not affect the other person. It is as if we are tuning in things we do not like to hear because we do not like to be hurt in certain ways, and we do not want to be hurting people because it is a diagnosis that some people on online forms exaggerate about due to things people hear on the media. We are actually not out to get people, but we understand that some people do not get us the same way we do not get them. I am assuring you that everything is going to be okay, and I love all of you like you love all of us. It interesting what some may say, but in reality we know who we truly are, capable of because we know that the awesome things in life are caring about one another. I can tell you that people are not out to get us or out to manipulate each other due to someone wanting certain things to happen in life. We dream things, which is okay because we are day dreamers, which is awesome. We are people who are inventive. We are people who are alleviating pain by caring for all kinds of people. We are not just the others. We are people that know of all sorts of things. We are just as important as the people around us. We are calming and understanding. We are understanding of the senses. We know we can help. We know people can help. We know life is not a game to be mishandled. We love one another as people truly are. We know that fantasizing about certain things is awesome. We are awesome!


Welcome to the forum @Weareimportant ! :sunny:

Welcome to the forum!

beautiful message. Those who have suffered know how to help others heal.

That beautiful it made my day