A waste is a terrible thing to mind

It bugs me that I throw out so much produce. I get free fruits and vegetables once a month or buy them in the store but they’re always spoiling before I can use them. I always say I’m going to use them up but I always end up throwing away some apples or celery etc. such a waste.


Have you tried storing them in the fridge if you aren’t going to eat them for awhile?

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I know a lot of people just leave apples, bananas and the like just sitting out

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Can you make some dishes/recipes with the produce you know you don’t usually use that can be frozen for later?

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Sorry, my suggestion was kind of obvious. Don’t mean to insult your intelligence. I just know that a lot of people leave fruit out and fruit in the fridge lasts much longer generally.

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We have been getting extra snap benefits because of the Covid crisis. Normally, I can just almost make my snap benefits pay for the food I eat. Now I have extra groceries. It’s nice, because I can be more selective about what I eat, instead of getting most of my protein from the freezer at the Dollar Tree. Don’t get me wrong. I’m not complaining. I’m grateful for anything I can get.

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This is the reason i buy these rarely.

I don’t eat fruits and vegetables (or very rarely), problem solved! :stuck_out_tongue:

Some fruit actually doesn’t belong in the refrigerator .

I buy frozen vegetables and blueberries.
Problem solved.

I would never buy fresh produce.

Shoppers place their dirty hands on them.

Generally, we keep apples, bananas, pears and the like outside of the refrigerator as well. However, if you are experiencing things going to waste too quickly…most fruits will last longer in a refrigerator.

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Depending on what you are trying to save, a really hot water bath can kill bacteria on the skin that causes rot. I can keep strawberries over a week by dipping them quickly in a hot water bath.

Try chopping and freezing. Why don’t you tell us the fruits and veggies you get and we can research ways to save them.


Can I tell you how much I enjoy that a person with the handle @ZombieMombie is giving advice on how to prevent skin rot? :wink:


Hey, if you know it gotta show it!


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