A strange man showed up at my door

The day before yesterday a man knocked on the door of my apartment and said he was collecting information for the census. I let him in, and he asked me a few questions. He had a computer in his lap. I think he was really out to take away my disability check. I think there are people around who want to get me into the work force so they can take out their anger on me. If that was the case he is guilty of obtaining information under false pretenses. If it was possible I wouldn’t mind digging ditches for a living, but I’d have to get off my AP medication so I could handle the weather. I’m not fast enough for fast food. I get fired from those jobs pretty quickly for being too slow. I work as fast as I can, but I’m too slow. I’ve just been wondering what was the deal with that guy.

That’s funky, I’ve never heard of anyone going door to door for a census before.

I heard sometimes robbers pull schemes like that so they can see the inside of your house and scope things out before coming back later. Also if he asked what hours you worked if at all he could have been probing when you’d be out of the house. Be careful. Hopefully it was nothing.

They do that every year here, they have photo ID they wear to


Oh good, it’s probably normal then. I’ve never had it happen to me and I’ve lived in many different states. Wonder why. Maybe we get called or something.

If that is the case he would have to be a pretty incompetent robber to try to steal from me.


They pick certain areas and they have to physically talk to everyone in the area. It’s to estimate how far off they are on the areas that they don’t phisicaly talk to everyone. Or so they told me when they were doing this apartment complex I worked at. They’re very persistent they just keep coming back until they talk to everyone they work strange hours to.

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Yeah my friend used to be a census taker… but the census is every 10 years, was this recent? I’m not sure if they’re doing it right now.

Edited to add I just checked the census.gov website and they do conduct continuous surveys, so it may have been legit.

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The same thing happened to me @crimby.
Some guy showed up at my front door with a laptop and clipboard, he said that he was from the Census Bureau.
I did not let him into my house, I was suspicious.
Lots of scams involving fake Census Bureau imposters.
Be careful.
I also didnt want to give him the chance to scope the inside of my house.
There is a lot of scary things happening out in the world today.
If this guy shows up at my front door again, Im going to call the Cops.

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That sounds a little paranoid to me @crimby I don’t believe anyone is after your disability check!