A second Joker movie? Oy vey

The script is done and they’re about to go into production.

Hated the first one.

My husband and I actually went to the theater to see it and discussed leaving the theater during several points.

We were hoping for something interesting to happen and it never did.

Joaquin Phoenix is so painfully pretentious.

Hollywood is really becoming insufferable.

TV is much better these days,

So are foreign films.


Ugh. I couldn’t pay attention to it at all.


Didn’t see the first one. Not planning to see the second.

Sorry @Joker :upside_down_face:


Its like a new movie every 20 seconds. How can we possibly keep up.


I didn’t like the first one either.:open_mouth:

You and I may be the only ones that didn’t like it.

Yesterday I watched a bit of rebel Wilson’s new movie on Netflix where she was a college cheer leader who goes in coma and wakes up twenty years later.

I couldn’t stand it.
I don’t have the same sense of humour as them.

I thought the was they called girls sl uts was disgusting.

I was called sl ut and wh ore but was not wh ore and was actually raped more times than I can say even though I also been “easy”.

I couldn’t watch the whole movie.
I was horrified by it.
The acting sucked too.

A closest loved one of mine loves rebel Wilson and i dont dislike her as a person I just don’t seem to have that humour and morals so i don’t like watching it or her it seems.

Even though Joaquin phoenix is vegan I have never felt a connection with him or been captivated by his movies that I know of.
I can see he probably did well but I’m not familiar with him perhaps.


I was advised by a few people not to go see the Joker and I heeded their advice.

Not about to see any of the sequels


I am based on the Heath Ledger Joker not the shite one that just came out!


It wasn’t a bad movie.
I was expecting more.


Im the total opposite to most of you. I enjoyed the first one a lot and thought it was a good message about how the rich are out of touch with the MH ill’s plight.
It also showed how the system doesn’t look after the vulnerable and how they are let down by institutions.

It surprises me that so many of you say “nothing happened”. Its a slower film for sure but there were some very suspenseful moments.
Maybe you expected an action film?


No, I expected art.

I wanted a film that was original.

It just pieced together better films and put them together thinking it would work.

I think it was trash.

Can’t believe they got funding for a second one.


What films do you think it cut up and pasted specifically?
What are your issues with the plot? Where do you think it doesnt work?

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I will see it if robert deniro is the joker.

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Mostly I think it robbed themes from “The Man Who Laughs” and “Taxi Driver”.

My issues with the plot were that there was none.


Did you even watch the first one lol?


When you stay stuff like “the actor is pretenious” “there is no plot” it comes across as like you don’t know why you don’t like it. I’m trying to hear why hence why I’m asking for specifics.

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Nope lol. I dont watch movies much anymore i dont have the attention span for it

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I said exactly why I don’t like it.

The reason I said that is because spoilers: De Niro is in the first one and gets shot

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Lol! Thats funny.

And the plot was disturbed guy does disturbing things.

Done to death!