I saw The joker

I just saw the joker at the movies and found it really disturbing.

It upset me to wAtch it.

It was so dark n depressing n nothing positive.

I thought it would be positive that he get a girlfriend and they could be mad together but that was a delusion.

I didn’t really like it.

It was not a bad movie and the acting was not bad but it just really upset me and I didn’t like it.

Not my type of movie.

There are two other movies out I don’t want to watch one because it’s too scary and one because it just doesn’t seem good.

Any one else seen the joker ?


I saw it yesterday. I personally loved it.

The acting, the storyline, the atmosphere all blended in nicely.

It’s an Oscar worthy performance and I hope Joaquin wins one. He deserves it for this role.

All in all, I felt like I was watching a Martin Scorsese film.



I wanna see it. I love joker… and harley quinn as well.


I want to watch it but have to wait two weeks. I’m like @anon98459728 said, I prefer when there’s less people in the cinema anyways so it’s all good


I don’t think I’m going to watch it :frowning:


When life is unfair you get a sense of sadness mix in illness and it gets …


This seems to be a movie people love or hate. I might wait until it comes out in DVD to watch it.

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I read this earlier:


Is Batman in it? I hadn’t heard of it.


I saw it tonight. Unsettling movie and not for everyone for sure. People who claimed it to be a a “mockery” of mental illness (so far, only in that Independent article) do it in relation to its comic book context. But if you diminish the context it is unbelievably realistic - thus why hard to swallow - story about a man with mental illness put into the society that wasn’t able to offer him anything but abuse and neglect. It has a very strong social message, specially in relation to the treatment of disabled people or people not fitting into the standards of normality whatsoever.
Joackin Phoenix gave an outstanding performance and deserves all the praises.
It might be triggering to watch for some…though i found a comfort through some layers of identification with his struggles.


He is, but just watch the movie; the ending will blow you away if you’re a fan of the comics.


There’s only 3 scenes which I found were unsettling.


Well i guess it’s personal.


One was really graphic, another was saddening, and another one which was a light ‘jumpscare’.


There were at least two with some goddamn dark humor too


What I really enjoyed about it is; even though he becomes a psychopath, you kind of just end up rooting for him.

I found a Russian copy of it online and I’ve watched it 3 times so far. Its gruesomely beautiful.

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Just got back from seeing it, and I have to say it was intense. The acting was amazing, and while I dont like how many times they said he was mentally ill, it wasn’t as bad as i thought it would be. The climax when he tells his last joke was the one that annoyed me. I won’t spoil it here.

It was hard not to empathize with him up until a point. After he found out about his past, as traumatic as it was, it still didn’t justify what followed.

I think it was over hyped for being a praise the villain movie. If anything bad does happen, it’s because the media influenced it by drawing more attention to it for the wrong reasons than it deserved. I didnt really see the movie as justifying what he did, I think it was more of a social statement.

Just my two cents.

Great movie, not as dangerous as I thought it would be. Very very dark and depressing. When you think it couldnt get any worse, it does.


At times, yes. But I wouldn’t say the entire movie is.

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I gotta disagree, there wasnt a single happy moment in the film that was real.


When he’s dancing on the steps, when he meets his neighbour, him attending stand up comedy gigs.

It’s not all depressing, imo.