The Joker movie

I just saw The Joker. I liked it but thought it was potentially dangerous in a few ways. I liked Joaquin Phoenix’s portrayal… The character is not specifically sz, which was refreshing, but emotionally damaged.
I’m sure this has already been discussed, so ignore if you find this thread annoying, but I would be interested in other opinions…


A kid at work said “he was like a full blown schizo in it”. I didn’t see it but that put me off a little. I’d like to see it one day still.

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The kid at work doesn’t know what he’s talking about, which is unfortunate. My husband and I noticed that a lot of people at the theater laughed at the wrong parts. People are stupid.
The Joker had some breaks with reality, delusions and hallucinations, but not strictly or identified as sz. You could say it was implied, but the focus was on the psychological damage inflicted on him.


Not really. His portrayal seemed like someone who went through depression and entered psychosis.

His character also suffered from pathological laughter, maybe that’s why he thought of that.


I think this kind of movies can cause more stigma towards people with mental illness.

just watched trailer…

Heh, most people don’t know what “full blown schizo” is. “Full blown schizo” is not all that funny, to me it is like being homeless wandering the streets talking to oneself. A life of loneliness and despair without any form of treatment or support. Not the maniacal psychopathic violent person people think of when they say “schizo”.

It’s not an sleight aimed at you in the least gratitude. You know you my homie hah. Nah, it just got me thinking about what your coworker said.

As for the Joker movie. I’ve not yet seen it, I did ask a series of questions in the other thread about the movie! I’ll be sure to read both discussions about it.:slightly_smiling_face:

Yeah I know it’s not a sleight against me. I got upset the normies would think it. I haven’t seen the movie. But I know how normies would think and I was mad it triggered that reaction to them. Since I haven’t seen it I dunno if it was or wasn’t. But I can make observations on “normy reaction” on mental health issues

Fa sho. People is ignant.


Oops I mean observations not judgements lol.

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