How to move to another country if low functioning?

how can I move to another country if I am low functioning?
I can’t look after myself but I want to move abroad.
Something is telling me that abroad a drastic improvement will happen to me.
Even if not I feel that I have nothing to lose.

I don’t think u really want to move to the US with trump as new president all of us in the US with MI could be ■■■■■■ out of nowhere someday

why do u want to move to another country that Is a very hard thing to do even if you are as high functioning as it gets


You would not qualifiy for Canada’s immigration or refugee programs. Sorry. :frowning:

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I can try going into the US and in worst case I’ll get deported/go to jail,
I really feel I have nothing to lose.
I am not afraid even of getting killed.

Surely your parents arent that bad Erez. Theyre your support network.

My parents are fine but I have very hostile thought insertion, also unhappy with how my life went in prodromal phase.
But the main thing is I have very hostile thoughts, my parents can’t affect that unfortunately.

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I thought you were going to go to the hospital? That would be a really good start!


Wont you miss your parents if you move to another country?

Hi Erez,

You need to straighten out and be comfortable in your own skin before you go abroad unless some caretaker brings you abroad with them… it’s a tough world out there and you have to have thick skin and care for yourself.

Take care bro

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Try a vacation abroad with your family first, if they are open to it. You might find your thought insertion is the same everywhere. If it is better, then you can work on getting well enough to move. I think the psych hospital or your pdocs office is a good place to start.

Even just to visit the US from Israel is going to require a visa. They are not going to let you on the plane without it. Applying for a visa is at least as complicated as applying for disability benefits.

Is it your parents that don’t want you to take meds Erez, or you?


You have a lot to lose, the care and support of your parents for one.

Please go to the hospital where they can assess you and get you the medical treatment you need.


Hi, @Erez_Shmerling, sorry to say but I think you are in delusion of migration.

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Why @SzAdmin, don’t say like this.?!!!

Well the positive and negative part about the US healthcare system is that as far as I heard it is best in the world… if you have money. People don’t really argue about the best part people are arguing about how to make it affordable. If you have money then the US is a great place to live healthwise. I don’t know if you could somehow come here legally then go on disability. I would think immigration would screen people out for stuff like that. You could do it the way that other do it the normal way. Also there is another way where you get citizenship by marrying an american or by having family in the US. It is possible. There is a reason why we have an immigration problem and one political side just tries to exacerbate it. Although to be fair it is almost both sides. Strange thing is that it is the same side that argues for things like a living wage and social welfare programs. Completely unsustainable if you can’t control who comes in even if you could argue about it working if we had proper immigration. But I digress I hope that if you are deadset about this that you somehow find a way.

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@Erez_Shmerling Sorry to see that you didn’t make it to the hospital yesterday. Today’s another day. Maybe you can try again. Don’t give up

Stay there where u are …israel is developed country…unlike nepal…if u go america they wont offer u any disability money…cuz that provision is for us citizen only …so try to love and respect ur country…i know u cant work …so take a rest and try to be happy…u may learn cbt in free time …i know u need emotional and financial support…


You don’t. You need to be stable to have any chance. I got through America but you have to tell them your mental health concerns. You can’t avoid that and in the States you need a lot of money especially if your exchange rate is negative…When I moved to America my dollar was 50 cents…that made everything twice as expensive.

I agree. Seek some help. It’s irrational to think you can do it. You won’t improve without the basics and you can get that where you are.

Often the journey is long and demanding and incredibly difficult if doable at all for a low functioning schizophrenic who may be in psychosis.

I travelled between Australia and Sweden with psychosis and it was horridly difficult and I suffered.

I was wearing summer clothes when everyone else was in winter clothes and was snow outside etc

One air port in America seemed to look down at me and Anders as trash and beyond scum of earth and beggars and worse but we were just us…
But others looked so fancy and we were dressed relaxed clothing I think.
He is great.
I mean that.

I traveled by myself but luckily had people on email and people I could call if needed.

Can you travel short distance by yourself?

Can you find a care worker to travel with?

There are people one can travel with or so but I agree it is perhaps not good to travel if you are low functioning and unable to work you probably will need support.

Have you traveled before?

Have you been over seas before?

How are things with your parents now?

Could your parents take you on a trip?

Can you afford it?

Do you know people there that would be willing to support you and if so are they trustworthy people?

Maybe you should start with a short holiday to that country and then decide if you still want to live there.

You could go on holiday with your parents or someone else if you have the money or can save up for it or so.

Having goals and dreams can be very good but sometimes it can be very good to not rush in to fast if you are not feeling up to it.

Can you talk to your dr about this?