A poll on psychosis

Was there insomnia and a build up of delusions/paranoia preceding any of your psychotic episodes? Please elaborate as well if you can.

  • Yes
  • No

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I don’t believe people get spontaneous psychosis unless they take drugs.

I want to see if like me any of you guys had no sleep and delusions before a psychotic episode.

No insomnia but yes there was a buildup.

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I actually sleep better off meds than on meds. On meds I wakeup several times during the night.

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I remember not being able to sleep because my thoughts consumed me so much.
I used to just think for hours and hours and hours.


Insomnia was ever present and the paranoid delusions always showed up before and during and afterward , as the voices and forces etc arrive on the scene.


Me too. And when I finally fell asleep, I had somany dreams and frequent wakings, that I never felt rested.
Even in my sleep, my mind was racing


staying up all the time was frequent when I was getting delusional…once I got full blown I stayed up most times…


I slept pretty good but at some point i was fasting and staying up late and my voices said i could just live on coffee as they would sustain me :crazy_face:


I was working at Wal-Mart near the peak of the great recession. I was trying to save money by sleeping on a very bad mattress. I was working a goofy retail schedule that included quick turnarounds on maybe 3 or 4 hours sleep.

That wasn’t the main cause, though, I think. I think that the main cause was violating my conscience by following Wal-Mart orders to steam lobsters alive in the Seafood department. They did that before the animal rights folks got them to stop.

I remember the moment I snapped into psychosis and started talking about a delusion to myself. It was about that point of my conscience. The delusion was to ease my conscience.

(Edit) Now, I believe I would rather go to some sort of hell than to grossly violate my conscience. Mine has proven it can drive me insane, and there is no telling what kind of hell a person can wind up in if they go insane these days. (/Edit)

(Edit) Tom Petty I Won't Back Down - Google Search (/edit)


Yes bad insomnia then the voices then the delusions

Yes. I didn’t sleep for a month. Bad visual hallucinations and build up of delusions.

Had about a week of bad insomnia, then everything else hit at once like a ton of bricks (delusions and hallucinations, voices, etc.)

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Thanks guys. At least I can argue to my pdoc that spontaneous psychosis is rare. Mostly there is a build up. I need to argue cos I am off meds, and I keep explaining that I get insomnia and build up of delusions before psychosis.

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