Do you think you will develop psychosis if you are not on medicine in the first place?


Do you think you will develop psychosis if you hadn’t take medicine in first place??


I got psychosis before I got meds.


At this stage, the point is moot. But yes, in the beginning I believed that the medication caused my psychosis the first time I took it when I was 19. But after I took the medication for three or four days, I was released from the psyche ward and moved into a house that did not believe in medication. I was very psychotic for the year I lived there without medication. In fact I was psychotic for two years. But I tend to think that the medication should have worn off in a month or so after I first took it and that I would go back to “normal”. But that wasn’t the case. I was unmedicated and psychotic for a year after I got OFF medication.


i got psychosis before anything, i didnt know what psychosis was i didnt even know what mental illness was, i didnt know jack ■■■■


My psychosis is completely independent of medication. Since I’m not on any.


I was not on any meds when I got psychotic.


Why would you take meds before becoming psychotic?

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The same with me psychotic long before I was put on medication…or is this like which came first the chicken or the egg kind of question?



I was born with mental problems… hyper, manic, ADHD, had a lot of problems even as a small kid…

I had a psychotic break long long before I got put on meds.


I was diagnosed with ADHD as a child, but not medicated for it. Still developed psychosis. Only after that did they start trying to medicate me for everything. I would be inclined to say the meds cause it or keep it happening, but every time I’ve discontinued the symptoms go out of control and I end up inpatient.


Funny you say this because now that I think about it, the time I took wellbutrin was the first time I got psychosis. Gotta be careful with those anti-depressants if you’re prone to schizo.

And then I even took Risperdal and it made my psychosis worse. But I’ve since taken Risperdal and not gotten psychosis from it. It’s confusing.


I was psychotic long before I was put in hospital and then depressed and anxious before then (prodromal symptoms probably) I was on antidepressants and under adolescent mental health services whilst becoming psychotic, my mum begged them, numerous times to refer me to early intervention team for psychosis but they never did. It was too late in the end. Then they followed NICE guidelines, risperidone, olanzapine, quetiapine, In hospital anyway they said because they didn’t work I was a personality disorder, until I went under adult services wh said that was ridiculous in any other words, two years later after an assessment by my current nurse who wrote down all my history and actually listened it was then my new doctor put me on m current meds (chlorpromazine).

It took four years of full blown psychosis to be listened to, these meds gave me doubt, I had no doubt before then, my nurse worked on that but I’ve taken a step backwards, trying to hear their words, reading the cbt but I feel it slipping away. We don’t know if my meds are still working.

I believe though I wasn’t floridly psychotic until I was taken off olanzapine but that’s because they put me up to 25mg and then took me off it too quick, I went form being a zombie to absolutely out of my head. So maybe they made it worse?

It’s a big question particularly as apwith psychosis you lose insight so you may not feel psychotic, I know I didn’t, I felt ill yes but not psychotic, I didn’t even know what it was. I didn’t even believe my nurse when he first told me. I was very resistant to the idea, thinking I knew everything before they did etc. sometimes meds cause psychosis if wrongly prescribed but it may but for me it was I just didn’t know before they told me.

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i think i could have get used to living with psychosis if i was not put on med. but now i am afraid to quit med, because i have to start from the beginning. I don’t become psychotic often, i don’t have much experience, i wont be able to tell delusion from reality… I know a guy who never took med and he becomes delusional. but not of his friends know about it, because he is able to differentiate delusion from reality when he went into remission few times… but he never Hallucinated.


I’m not sure which caused my first episode, malnutrition or otherwise. More the former in hindsight.

Initially, my psychosis wasn’t so bad and became dormant for 3 years until I was forced to take APs for a bipolar diagnosis I wasn’t informed about. Right after I stopped - I was 6 months straight in severe Psychosis. Didn’t even know that was possible.

Safe drugs, yeah.


I was psychotic for over a year. One third of it on meds before thy started working. I was in hospital for 6 months. After that I lived at my mom’s place for 5 months before I was ready to go home to kids and husband.