Oh my LORD this is awful

Insomnia for a flipping WEEK. Awful!! Haven’t been able to sleep at all! And paranoia every dang night!! Tonight was probably the worst I was so scared!! For no reason! I wanted to cover up the crack between my wardrobe and the wall because I was sick of worrying something would grab me or look at me through it! Seeing a small face looking out at me from under my roommate’s desk! Worried of hearing something strange, which isn’t that out there given I woke up to horror movie music one day! I am so tired!! Not knowing if the people around me are hallucinations or not until they vanish is really unsettling! Im falling asleep to nightmares of being raped! Not just that but I’m getting daydreams where I’m actually seeing and experiencing what I’m daydreaming about, like a very light stage of sleep which is so odd.

I hate this semester so far, it’s like limbo hell. Not sleeping at night, forced to wake up early, go to my stupid job at the lab that is so boring and repetitive it’s driving me insane, go to classes I don’t give a single crap about and can’t focus on because I’m so tired, getting back and just being so exhausted I can’t do any work or study and then not being able to fall asleep all over again! And tonight Plague was taunting me! I remember at one point I was worried and said “Well I’ve got the paranoia but I’m not noticing anything else really off so I can’t be going into an episode” and he said “Are you sure about that, little one” and he just kept repeating it and laughing. And basically he’s just waiting for me to succumb to madness because he’s been upset that I said my psychosis wasn’t a big deal anymore or something like that, I don’t know.

When my roommate left this morning I turned on all the lights right away but I still can’t sleep. I feel awful.

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Sorry to hear that Anna, be strong😠are you on meds and if yes which one?

Anna remember insomnia causes psychosis … talk to ur pdoc about it…!!!


I was highly insomnia patient when i was young that gave me psychosis and sz…!!!

Oh, I’m so sorry for you!!! I have sooo been there. You have to call your pdoc. You could be having a manic episode and you might need a med adjustment. You need to get in touch with your doctor right away.

OMG…I feel bad for you. Geez, the only thing I can think of is pdoc and meds. I abhor paranoia! It is absolutely awful. I feel the same about insomnia and the 2 combined sounds really tough. Maybe if you went to the hospital, they could give you something to sleep. I went to the ER for insomnia because it was so bad for several days. I have also been there for severe paranoia but not both at the same time.

I really hope you feel better very soon.

I am still having insomnia :frowning: could not fall asleep until about 4 am and only slept 2 hours before being jolted awake w nightmare…I am letting myself calm down before I go back to sleep…

I don’t think it’s mania, I don’t feel energized or anything like that. I’m still very drained and exhausted all the time. I definitely need to see my therapist soon though, I keep missing appointments because I am so out of it.

Wow! I am really impressed you can keep up this massive schedule on tiny bits of sleep!

Insomnia was my worst fear for a long time, it triggered my psychosis and I walked around in a brain and physical fog of mental exhaustion.

Sucks to have insomnia!! I hope you find a way to get some sleep! I can’t offer any advice, since the only way I got some sleep was through either total fatigue where I slept in cat naps for an hour at a time, or through pot use, which is horrible for schizophrenics so I am not recommending it at all to you.

I wish I had advice, but I don’t. Hoping it goes away!

I have to read that first post, to confirm the name wasn’t used in vain