A poll. On coffee whilst on antipsychotics


Do you find that with time the effects of coffee become less powerful or like you gotta drink more coffee for the same effects over time?

Feel free to elaborate…about how much coffee you drink too etc and such

  • The same amount of coffee has the same effect on me over time
  • I need more coffee over time for it to have the same effect on me
  • Over time coffee has no effect on me anymore, I just continue drinking it for taste
  • Over time I have become reliant on coffee in such a way that coffee has no effect on me, but if I stop drinking it, I get too bad withdrawal effects continuously.

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I get depressed if I don’t have a couple cups of coffee a day.

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Thanks for sharing @ElGato

For how long have you been drinking couple cups coffee per day?

I’ve actually have reduced my consumption. I became a coffee addict when I started drinking it around twelve years old.

I used to drink a pot or two a day.


Wow Blue that is hardcore!!


I’m a coffee addict too. Need 2 strong brews a day or I feel moody and agitated. My Pdoc once told me I shouldn’t drink it as it can make symptoms worst and I kinda laughed at him. Been drinking it for years perfectly fine. Even my psychiatric nurse used to take me out for coffee etc.
That said, I try and cut down when I have rough spells and drink red tea instead.

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Thanks for sharing @StarCrazy

Yea I heard that too about coffee and positive symptoms idk how reliable that is or whatever

I have barely ever had positive symptoms in my life. Maybe for people with positive symptoms it makes them worse? I dunno

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Yea maybe… I should create another thread but that would be my third thread on coffee tonight. And I’m lazy

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One cup in the morning and I’m bright and alert. I have two though and I need a nap. I think the extra just stimulates my sleep cycle.

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I use caffeine pills, 400mg a day.

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I voted for that because it was true when I was on Olanzapine. I drank about 10-15 cups a day because I was so lethargic from the high dosage of medication they had me on.

But now I am on Lurasidone and it doesn’t knock me out or make me tired like olanzapine did. I am on clonazepam for sleep and that has a tranquilizing effect that lasts into the next day so when I get up I have one large cup of coffee in the morning (a travel mug) and that is usually it, then I switch to tea, or the occasional decaf. Very occasionally I’ll have 2 or 3 cups of coffee during the day.

I love the taste of coffee but now that I am off olanzapine if I drink too much too quickly I get a bit of anxiety so I usually just stick to one cup in the morning to get me going.

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Do you know how many cups of coffee that equates to per day

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About 4 cups regular strength.

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Do you drink your coffee black?

Wow 15 cups of coffee.

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No, I don’t like black coffee. I drink my coffee with Splenda sweetener and 5% cream.

Yep, 15ish cups back then, and when bed time came I would fall to sleep right away. 40mg of olanzapine will really knock you out, when they call it a “major tranquilizer” they are not kidding.


I didn’t even realise 40mg olanzapine was a thing

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Yeah, don’t ask me to explain it.

The manufacturer says 20mg is the maximum dose.

When I was diagnosed with paranoid schizophrenia back in 2004 they put me on 40mg at the mental health facility right from the get go. They didn’t even try 10 or 20mg. It was straight to 40mg. I think that is overkill.

I spent 4 years tapering down my dosage, while I was tapering down I was stable until I hit 10mg, then I became psychotic again back in 2018 and was hospitalized, that is when I started to transition to Lurasidone. That means they could have put me on 15mg or 20mg of olanzapine in the beginning and I would have been fine.

The side effects from 40mg were slowly killing me, my doctor kept warning me. But that is all in the past. I’m off olanzapine, I’m on Lurasidone and my weight and health are good now.

The weird thing is I am on a relatively low dose (60mg) of a much weaker antipsychotic (Lurasidone) and doing way better. Go figure.


Coffee is known to be less effective over time, the more often you drink it, regardless of being on antipsychotics.

I try to take 2 or 3 day breaks from caffeine, because I don’t want to be immune to the pick-me-up effects / energy effects. I try not to overdo it. :grinning_face_with_smiling_eyes:

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I think it may have a heavier effect on me if I have been away from it for a while, but then I get used to it and it takes more coffee to achieve the same effect. But for my part it kind of stabilizes. I don’t feel that coffee stops having a effect even if I drink it regularly.

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