A Poem: Laziness

There’s nothing
Worse than
A mixture of
Motivation and laziness.


I was just thinking I have a split personality :flushed:

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I just took some test and it says I am highly likely borderline personality disorder and the questions were perfectly descriptive of my thoughts :flushed:

Maybe there’s an overlap between schizophrenia and BPD ? I wouldn’t trust online tests. If you want to share the test I’ll take it to see.

I got 30

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I got 15. It still said there might be an issue :roll_eyes:

Maybe research it a bit more and bring it up with your doctor? Be careful of diagnosing yourself on the internet though.

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yeah not much will change even if I have a personality disorder which feels like it honestly. I am completely imbalanced, in a minute my whole state of mind changes. It is weird as I do not see others here like that. It is like a way I lose touch with reality… my thoughts go like this

``````````____````````````````````` completely different paths in a matter of minutes.

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I think I might have BPD also! I took a few online tests the other day and got 100% in all of them…

You are not alone :two_hearts:

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