Anyone else have Borderline Personality Disorder as an add on condition?

I’m asking because this diagnosis age 18 that i have always denied is probably exactly what is going on for me

I’m not sure how but thought i had grown out of it

i’m age 41 now, and thought I’d got perfect security and etc (a lot better than ever in my life 9 yr relationship 6 yrs married and mostly happy

10 years since last hospital and stable mostly

and really not sure why i’m still unstable

Some of my pdocs diagnosed me with borderline personality as well as sz, but most of them agreed I only have sz. I do have some borderline traits though - like self-harming and intense emotions and love-hate feelings in relationships.

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Thanks Saadiqah

I have no idea how to stop obsessive and secret spending and I’m always bored

I think the only non borderline thing i have is the Anger - i don’t lash out a lot - i don’t shout very often, i used to have aggressive feelings chronically but i think anger isn’t really that big for me any more, except with this last purchase to myself

I almost can’t forgive myself

was always finding pedestal / sin bin in my thinking with relationships with my idols and relationships

I can’t believe how much I’ve swung from one activity to another

Why am i even psychoanalysing myself or this condition ? i want to stop these behaviours

I struggle to call what i have extreme emotions, i simply can’t handle stuff when it gets too much. Don’t know if that translates as extreme emotion

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when you were diagnosed did you fit the bill more than now ?

I’m diagnosed as schizoaffective with ptsd and bpd. Self harmed , love hate points of views.

Why did you ask the question though… I don’t see the relevance more then I do just a venting post?

I have avoidant personality disorder and schizoid personality disorder, but not borderline.

Perhaps because you didn’t have your typical childhood experience.

I once did a personality disorder test, my borderline scores were moderate but I scored very high for schizotypal. I used to have intense emotions.