A pee depression

Getting desires to pee can be a real problem for me with nightmares of being yelled at. Mother toilet trained us when we were babies which results in a fussed over look. I never did get to develop the right muscles to have good control. It caused social nightmares.

ive got a friend who is 28 and if he DREAMS about peeing, he pisses the bed, don’t worry too much about it, there are lots of people with these kinds of problems, hell I pissed the bed two nights ago after having a nightmare, its embarrassing sure, but its life.

True, just embarrassing. Gotta remember “After pride cometh the fall.”

there you go! it could be a lot worse, when I was hospitalized the first time I had to wear diapers because of the med cocktail they gave me, which put me into a catatonic state.

So as long as you aren’t in diapers being hosed off with cold water, and put to bed still wet wearing thin cotton ‘johnnies’? you should be fine. Just speaking from experience, but life throws us a curve ball now and then, and sometimes it hits below the belt, but the best way to deal with it is to just grin and bear it.

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Yeah, I do get an uncontrollable drizzle sometimes but it’s not much and I just feel better if I change my underwear. No sense in getting “madder than a wet hen” but it is annoying.

when I was on Zyprexa I suffered a rae reaction where my ‘sphincter’ didn’t stay closed, so I would leak from ym butt and have to change my underwear several times a day. now THAT was embarrassing. If I went somewhere for the day I had to bring three pair of underwear with me.

I take Ziprexa. But I think a lot of it is a carry-over from being a toilet trained baby. It’s just too head achey a responsibility for a baby.

my cousin was toilet trained before she was 1, and she has the same issue, me? my mom waited until I was 2 to start

You’re luckier than your cousin. It’s a headache to a baby. I’ve been told that kids can’t be completely reliable until they are six. My therapist was toilet trained when she was three.

my brother, the one who recently tried to con me out of my pets, the docs say he has a learning disability but he has admitted that the only reason he wanst potty trained by the time he was 8 was because it was ‘too boring’

My therapist thinks I was potty trained too late, shes one of those weirdos who thinks traning by age one is for the best because it teaches kids to learn faster or soemting stupid like that…

Yeah, your therapist is ridiculous. Imagine a baby who is just learning how to walk trying to hold it or communicate that he needs to go to the toilet. Man, people can be stupid.

don’t I know it, I mean the only reason my mom started me at two was because I was already holding it on my own and was pooping cooking pots XD

What does XD mean. I keep seeing it.
If you’re a Freudian, he said kids develop an interest in toilet training starting when they are about two. But that’s too young to pull your own pants down and up isn’t it?

XD is a squintly laugh, some sites turn It into smily, some don’t.

And it think it depends on the child, some children might be able to learn at 1 or 2 years old, but some might take longer.

My foster daughter who is 2.5 is already potty trained, and she has no issues, though she does still have accidents, but my sister who is now 10 wasn’t fully potty trained until 7 and stil has accidents because of health problems (she is prone to UTIs and such)

I was always a bed wetter. Because my brain wasn’t developed I would wet my pants at school. I was too afraid to use the bathroom at school. I was held back in first grade because of my lack of brain development. I am 36 and still occasionally wet my bed. When I was on serzone about 12 years ago I wet my bed every night. I am doing the best I have ever done when it comes to not wetting my bed.

Kids these days learn sign language before they can talk. There should be a sign for it, like in elementary school.

It’s possible I guess. Don’t know that much about babies + what they are capable of at what ages. Could give them an early taste of being in control of life.

Little kids’ ingenuity -

Can’t remember when I was potty trained but guess it was the average age for a boy. When I went to prep(boarding ) school at 8 I began wetting the bed again. It was fairly constant for the first 3 years but tailed off after that. Thankfully by the time I got to public school at 13.75 it had stopped. I got bullied enough without that as well.
Funnily enough I only wet the bed at prep school ,not at home. I guess it was a psychological reaction to being there.