It's about being wet

I couldn’t confess to my mother that I wet my pants when I was four. I think, now, that I was more upset than she would have been. I couldn’t stand being wet. Still can’t.

Yes. I was toilet trained when I was just a baby and I really didn’t understand what it was all about.

It happens that’s all I can say. One of my earliest memories is wetting myself in Year 2. Even though you are too young, it is still embarrassing.

hmmm, yes, well idk i guess these things are nesessary

i was a bed wetter if that makes you feel better

I think it requires a few accidents before we “get the hang of it”.

I stopped about 11yrs old

I wet the bed once when I was 4 years old. My mother got so mad it never happened again. I was very upset.

You are sensitive, Chordy.

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I never wet the bed as a kid after being toilet trained. I started wetting the bed at age 18 after I moved in with my boyfriend who was to become my abusive husband. I wet the bed on and off all of my life until age 56 when I went into remission from sza. I’m age 60 now and I haven’t wet the bed for the last 4 years.

Yeah, wetting yourself is rarely a good thing.

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