Do you remember an hysterical toilet training?

Because I surely do. Including mother seizing my arm and dragging me up the stairs to the bathroom. I don’t think I ever had a sane moment since about her.

I had trouble with toilet training. I didnt clean myself up until I was 7. I remember having diarrhea and yelling for help, lol.

who cleaned you up before you were 7?

At 16 months old I told my mother no more diapers, I want to wear big girl pants" and never had an issue since.

I’m impressed. Tell me more. Big sister motivation? No interfering father? What’s your secret?

my parents. I would only go number 2 at home

I was told I would embarrass my parents a lot because it didn’t seem to bother me to pee outside.

My earliest memory was of first grade, there was an octopus in our class. But other than that, I have no memories of my early childhood. I always find it strange when people seem to remember details of their early life.

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I’m a senior and early memories come to mind a lot. It does make me appreciate the progress we have made but, agreed, remembering all that is not something young people do. Time for that later.

I have 3 older brothers, no sisters. I just didn’t like being the “baby”.

May I ask, do you think you tried to grow up faster then necessary?

My sis has the four of us older brothers, no sisters, and mostly all male cousins, and she’s been an adult for a lot longer then I have.

I think I started life as a 35 year old. Skipped childhood and the teen years entirely, that was the only way I survived. In my head, there is a place where I saved my childhood mind and imagination, and go there when no one is looking. It keeps me young.
Often I thought I was born backwards (not breech-but backwards), I was born an old lady, then I grow younger with each passing year.

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This is a really embarrassing story,…When I was newly pottie trained I was outside with a neighbor child…my mom was nearby and kept the door open to keep an eye on me. I had to go #2 and didn’t want to be bothered with going inside, so I went behind a shed and took a squat. One of the neighbors ratted on me and my mom took me inside and put one of my brother;'s diapers on me…They felt awful …and I was humiliated. Last time I ever tried that one…

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I don’t remember my training, other then what I was told, but I do remember my kid sis’s. She’s 11 years younger then me. She had the hardest time in a way. She has us 4 older brothers, no sisters, mostly male cousins, and she was 1 or 2; and toddlers always just bust in on you when they are tiny and don’t know better.

We’re all guys or course and so is Dad and the vast number of Uncles…

So she would try and pee standing up all the time and it never worked out for her. She would also always use the guys loo in restaurants and stuff just because there weren’t a lot of females to take her to the ladies.

Have you ever seen a two year old girl try and use a public urinal? I shouldn’t laugh, because it freaked out a lot of grown men at the restaurant, but I’m still laughing. Not cool, but I can’t help it. :stuck_out_tongue:

That makes me smile, SurprisedJ. Kids are only kids.

I can relate to that. It also reminds me of Mork and Mindy when Jonathan Winters joined the show.