A morning stretch

Five minutes may be enough to notice a difference.

My mum is among other things a yoga teacher.

I only remember a few poses but have started doing them every morning in the bathroom.

So the bathroom is now my church (cause I pray there) and also my yoga room.

I have been doing these stretches poses for a week and am feeling really positive about it.

I do downward dog pose,the tree, warrior and also just bend forward and then down on the ground stretching my sides.

I had paranoia at some yoga places and even about yoga DVD so doing it by myself in the bathroom works out well plus I can not afford yoga classes.

I have read I am not the only one on the forum who does yoga.

Wishing you guys well and if you can get into yoga or Eve just do “ normal gym stretched”…
I believe It can do wonders.

Nice way to start the day!

I only do it a few minutes but maybe you guys will do it longer .

So little can actually improve a being.


Yes I’m deep into my day treatment program now and this is exactly the kind of thing they tell us to do. There are actually good meditation apps out there like “calm.” I am trying to journal more and go on long walks a couple times per week. It’s really good seeing people do better throughout the program.

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There are a few profiles I have not seen active or post pictures etc

Hope they are well.


I think its a great fad, kind of like those exercise programs you used to see in the '80s.

I’ve never liked moving slowly, you don’t burn enough calories. And of course we all like to burn calories…

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