A lot of med changes today!

Met with my psychiatrist and my new neurologist. Went back to 50 mg seroquel. Told him how I suspected the klonopin was making me groggy the next day and he seemed surprised I didn’t know it would do so. I told him I’d been on Ativan before and didn’t have that issue so we switched back to it. Good ole Ativan.

He also gave me a sampler of saphris? So I am not taking seroquel tonight I am trying that. He said to take half a tablet and dissolve it under my tongue and I did so so I’ll see what happens. I read about it just now and am very intrigued because it supposedly has the highest affinity to the serotonin receptors compared to any other AP, and historically APs that had higher seratonin receptor affinity worked better for me, with Risperidone working the best and also having the highest binding rate of any I tried to 5HT2A. If I cannot be approved for xyrem for whatever reason, I may look into going on this as an antipsychotic.

Meanwhile my neurologist agreed after hearing my history that we could now try xyrem so they’re just going to go through the insurance process now.

Excited and hopeful!

Summary: Back to 50 mg seroquel, trying out saphris tonight, hope to be able to get on xyrem eventually (process may take weeks due to how regulated it is)


Good luck anna!

Your new adventure in trying out AP is very interesting. Keep us posted on how it goes, @Anna

I hope your new med’s work out for you.

Sounds positive. Good luck and hope it goes well for you!

Good luck I hope it works well for you @Anna !!!

Good luck!

Me, I’m generally off meds now and feeling better, but just had my psychotic episode today and had to take 100mg seroquel and 1mg ativan, only meds since like a week and a half. Otherwise feel pretty good, cannot focus at all but am filled with energy and wake up around 5 am filled with energy. Also no longer have an appetite. Hypersexuality is also becoming more controllable

@anna how long did it take you to get your attention span back after stopping abilify?

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@Andrew it is possible to be off meds and feel good, I mean no voices no weird thoughts? How long til you reach the zen state?

I mite relapse, see my pdoc tmrw

Hmmm I don’t remember exactly how long only that it was very quick.

I have a choice of either being on a sleep aid or an antipsychotic. If I get regular good sleep I don’t really have symptoms. However my sleep is so chaotic naturally that I have no guarantee it will be regular everyday without a sleep aid really. Sleep aids have way less bad side effects than APs I’ve tried so far but also it is soooo hard to find ones that work and continue to work. So I’m getting frustrated. And off an AP even though I can be stable it is a much more perilous stability because if there’s any stress or if my sleep does get upset I’m doomed.


Also saphris report:
-made me sleepy and calm, felt like taking NyQuil really
-made under my tongue numb for a bit (it dissolves there)
-I woke up at 5 am and the effects had clearly worn off, however I then had some pretty painful stomach cramps. I had trouble falling back asleep due to that & just not feeling sleepy anymore
-Woke up 6 hours later feeling groggy and my stomach still sort of hurts


I wish you the very best, @Anna. I know how you have been struggling. I hope this works out for you.

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