A little stone (coping technique)

i have got this little stone that i’ve been playing with and it is a great little distraction, takes my mind off of things, i think its made out of agate which is a stone that promotes healing and balance, i think it is calming me down, i keep it in my pocket and play with it, just thought i’d share with you guys bc it may be helpful.

does anyone else use this technique? just wondering :slight_smile:


That’s great to have a stone you can rub. It can help with restlessness and anxiety. :slight_smile:

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thought that this would be of interest to people…


Those are all great ideas!

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would be great to just print them and pin them up on the wall or fridge :slight_smile:

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I agree! Now I just need to get to the library to do that!

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or you could write them down on a piece of paper

Oh yeah. Good thinking!

I used to have a bag of river stones from the dollar store. I’d carry one around all day and at the end of the day I’d put my stone in a beautiful bowl to remind me I survived the day.

I also put affirmations on sticky notes and put them on cupboards and mirrors. Things like “i am worthy” “I am strong” ect.

What I want to start in the new year is having a little note pad and every day write something good about the day. Then put it in a jar to be looked at the next new year. Helps remember the highlights.

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