A little hate creeping in

The ***************** gets three whole days a week where I’m gone all day and he has the apartment to himself.
On the rest of the days when I’m off and on weekends he never leaves except to go out back and smoke several times a day. Otherwise, he’s home every day, all day and night. But during my days off and at night, he stayed in his room and I stayed in the living room, so I thought that was a fair arrangement.
But now the ******** is slowly creeping in. Now he keeps his damn bedroom door open and hangs out in the kitchen or living room a little more each day. The prick.
And he’s not even a nice guy, he’s a dick. I don’t want to hate anyone but he’s bringing it out in me.

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Maybe ask him if he can give you space?

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Yeah, that’s the civilized way to do it. It’s a small apartment and he’s always here!

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Ah yeah roommates can be tricky. I had to lay out some rules for one of my downstairs roommate. He was too invasive.

I remember one time I was trying to play my game and he was being so annoying I just put my hand up in front of his face and said he needed to go. Lol

He responded later with “I have never been treated so rudely in my life”

So I said well it’s about time someone told you about giving people space and respecting it.

Now we’re all good.

The difficult convos can be worth it. You just have to be careful how ya go about it. My hand to the face was probably a risky approach :smile:

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Yeah, I called him an idiot. Things got tense! If things get worse I’ll talk to him.

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When I first moved in to this place the roommate I was suppose to room with moved out immediately and this dickhead moved in. We got along for a bit but it turned into all out war.
He actually drew a line across the living room and moved all my stuff to one side and one on his.
He was 12hr a day gamer always yelling at his game online. Never flushed the toilet properly. Just a complete goon.
I kept throttling his internet speed :sunglasses: he would go insane lol. That was after he had chosen to go to war with me, (he accused my gf of stealing all his tupperware WTF…) So he was dead after that :joy:

Then me and the other 3 roommates devised a crazy house rules plan to give him no freedom so he would eventually move out. Heaped soooo many chores on him and all these restrictive rules.
Then he got evicted.

We won that war lol.

Now the house is awesome with great roommates for last couple years

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Well, I thought this guy would work out. I wouldn’t call it a war now but we do things to irritate each other and we both get mad. As for now, we don’t like each other but if he stays in his room, I can overlook a lot.
My first roommate drove me crazy but we got along, my second roommate flipped out on me and stabbed me in the back (not literally) and after a yelling match she moved out and all the counselors sided with me. Now this guy.

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Ah yeah well hopefully things smooth out a bit.
Humans I tells ya… Lol

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Come down on that **** like a hammer. I had something similar happen with my last roommate when I worked in Alaska. We had an unspoken agreement that we give each other space and try to minimize our shared living space foot print. It was going great but he slowly got more comfortable invading the shared space. Before I knew it, I walked in the kitchen and this dude is cleaning himself in the kitchen, like full on dropped trousers, buck ass naked, doing a sponge bath in the kitchen. I was horrified. I just wanted my coffee to get to work, but had to nope the eff out of there.

We had a short and loud conversation about proper use of a kitchen and what a bathroom was.


Haha - I used to do that when i lived in supported housing. The knob used to scream and shout on his console till the early hours. I was the only one with the router password lol.

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Haha me too I kept the router password :sunglasses:

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According to the actor John Cleese ‘The whole world is just one big madhouse’. Expecting people to behave in a reasonable and rational manner is like waiting for Hell to freeze over, it’s not going to happen.

Isn’t he living in the apartment as well?
I mean he has the right to go where he pleases, except for your room.

I don’t understand?

Maybe I’m wrong.

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