Something I noticed about the roommate situation

About once a week we’ll have a nice, civil conversation. Then the rest of the 90% of the time I can’t stand having him in the house. He fancies himself a normie and is very judgmental of me. And he’s one of those people who claim they have nothing to hide so he goes around trying to find out other peoples secrets. At the least, it’s annoying, at the worst, it’s life changing. When he discovers a weakness or doubt or if I’m trying to hide something he latches onto it like a pit bull until he discovers what it is. 90% of the time it’s none of his damn business and it makes me uncomfortable. He’s a self righteous jerk. If it wasn’t for the fact that he’s gone a lot, he would be the worst roommate I’ve ever had.


I think it’s good for you to have a roommate so you can get people skills. In my case I have none and freak when confronted with a conflict.


Most roommates I had were not interested in friendships and I met only one roommate who wanted to be my friend. In my current house, other roommates are minding their own business, and I haven’t had talked with my roommate for more than 5 mintues.


Good wishes, Nick!

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Try saying to him that you don’t like talking about such and such, make some boundaries with the conversation. But its nice that you engage with him once a week it will help you both feel more relaxed about sharing the place

I couldn’t stand a roommate. I’m lucky I have this tiny apartment for myself. Hell, I can’t even stand my neighbors!

He shouldn’t force you to reveal your personal problems to him. That’s just wrong!