A list of Oklahoma food, what's indigenous food in your area?

Right down the street I can get fried okra and fried chicken gizzards. My favorite chicken part. I got sent to bed without supper for eating all the gizzards one night so I smile when I get to place an order for gizzards…haha…anyways, chicken fried steak, fried okra, gizzards, fried catfish all part of Okie’s favorite meals. I was raised eating frog legs and squirrel as a young boy in Oklahoma from what my dad and my grandpa would get hunting. Last time I had frog legs was in college in a cajun restaurant I used to work at. anybody like weird stuff only sold in your state?


I have lived in New Jersey all of my life - we are famous for our pizza - the best pizza in the country I would say. Cannot forget about New York also

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Jambalaya, boiled crawfish, gumbo, venison, other types of seafood and more are part of Louisiana’s contribution to cuisine.

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@Wave, I have always wanted to try pizza in New Jersey or New York City, good for you.

@metime, I cook jambalaya and gumbo all the time…I love etoufee too…


Um…lobster? Maple syrup? I can’t think of anything unusual though. My hometown is well known for it’s restaurants though and has been featured on those food shows many times.

Huge portions!! I think California is known for it’s Mexican food. We have a million of these restaurants, there’s a dozen or so just in my area alone. I think we are also known for variety, probably like some place like New York city is.
The funny thing I find is that while some pizza here is better than others , I can’t EVER remember eating a pizza ANYWHERE and saying afterwards, “Wow, that was a bad pizza”. It’s hard to wreck pizza.
Well, the exception might be most frozen pizzas you buy at the supermarket. Cardboard crust, runny tomato sauce, and slimy cheese. It doesn’t mean I won’t eat one though in a pinch.

Pacific North West is all about the Salmon. Smoked Salmon, salmon burgers, salmon salad, Salmon sushi… Salmon chowder. Crab, muscles, cod are the other big sea foods here.

Number two is the coffee. Home of Starbucks and Cafe Vita. Along with 100’s of other small batch rosters.

Number three is a tie between the uncountable number of small batch microbrews of beer and small speciality bakeries. (since I don’t drink any more… I go to the bakery)


Glowing toxic fish. :tropical_fish: :fish: :fishing_pole_and_fish:


Fried chicken, squash + onions, cooked-till-they"re killed green beans, creamed corn, crowder peas - whiporwill peas are the best but almost nonexistent now, Cornbread - sticks, ho-cakes + skillet-cracked. Homegrown tomatoes, fruit pies… These are almost yeaterday’s foods now where I’m from…


My brother always got kidded because he ate the gizzard - his favorite piece.


Blueberries, cherries, strawberries, apples here in Michigan.


I wonder where the good cheese state is supposed to be? I can’t remember, can someone help me?

The cheese state is I think Wisconsin.

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Hey Wave-what city in NJ…if you don`t mind my asking? I was just there to visit my dad who lives in AC. He grew up there.

Hi @bridgecomet I am not from the shore area, I am from the Northwest part of the state - not too far from NYC

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Haggis, porridge, black pudding, lorne sausages or cumberland sausages but i don’t eat that much, i usually eat rubbish like chinese and indian food, pizza, chow mien, donner kebab, chips, kfc,drinks are Irn Bru, coke or a lager, tea.

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In Alberta, Canada, it’s ‘prairie oysters’ (the nuts from calves that have been castrated). Tried them once.



Well the indians that were here used acorns and corn. They were afraid of white people because they thought we were cannibals. This was because of the Donner Party who ate each other to survive. I eat whatever, but I’m not a cannibal.

All that…even though I no longer live there and can’t catch the fish… used to catch Kings all summer and had salmon into late winter…
other northwest foods not mentioned that i love :Elk, Seal, Bear, Sidestripe shrimp, salmonberries, (Alaska), wild blueberries, Washington wild blackberries (they’re huge), the big clams found on some beaches…

For 'strange" foods I like Octopus

I’m from oklahoma and not far from there now. I remember a restaurant that served pan fried chicken (like moms) and pop in a glass bottle, fried okra. Still love fried squash, ever do mac and tomatoes, just a bit of bacon grease and a slice of cheese melted, but that was moms cooking. Good Food. Oh and fried crappie with lemon juice over it.