What's your favorite classic meal in your region of the world?

It’s not necessarily my favorite but as a example I’ll say BBQ pork ribs with BBQ beans,coleslaw, and cornbread.

I think my favorite meal is fried rice and steak teriyaki. Not from my continent but whatever.

Favorite American food is probably steak and mashed potatoes. Like a big ass bloody rare steak. I like barbecue but it gets old when you live in the BBQ capital of the world.

Borderline bloody rare is the only way to eat a steak.

So your from Kansas City?..right on bro.

mezze vegetarian food…
i love it
i love it
i love it
…tonnes of flavours :smiley:
take care :alien:

p.s i also love cheese , but you have to watch out for darth mouse :mouse:.


Greek mezze. I’m not greek.

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Nah I’m from Memphis. We think of ourselves as the BBQ capital.

Yeah I know I was just goading you.

Your guys’ BBQ is great.

“Tacos al Pastor” I don´t know if it has a traslate to English.

I love tacos!

Does al pastor mean a vegetarian cow?

I apologize for my ignorance.

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I am from Scotland so will say haggis!


Gumbo, Jambalaya, and boiled Crawfish, pronounced craw-fish (not cray fish eye roll*).

Please elaborate jim, whats haggis?

It is Scotland’s national dish. It is basically ground offal (heart and lungs etc) mixed with spices and bound in stomach. It is usually boiled.

I know it sounds gross but trust me it is amazing.

It sounds really good man and thats the next on my list.

Im originally from Alaska and we LOVE fish head stew, most unenlightened people think that it’s gross but something about the eyes and brain of the fish really flavors it.

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I love Pizza :smile:

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Thats cute…but pizza from which region?

In Dalmatia…a fish in all shapes and flavours.
But a region’s favourite… rough and spicy…ćevapi :slight_smile:


`Cevapi mam? looks freeking delicious, but can you please elaborate for those that don’t speak your language?

You’re vegetarian?
How classy :blush:

Cheese and spinach pie… Mmm :yum: :green_heart:

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Hahahahah, no it is a special meat, honesty I don´t know how they cook the meat but they are delicious!!!